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Asmar (Pashto: اسمار‎) is one of the major cities in northeastern of Kunar province of Afghanistan and is the district center of Bar Kunar district, which is located in the most southern part of the district (35°02′02″N 71°21′30″E / 35.0339°N 71.3583°E / 35.0339; 71.3583) at 983 m altitude in a river valley.[1]


The name Asmar is a combination of two Pashto language words of AS (horse) and MAR (snake).[2]


The exact population of Āsmār is unknown. But according to the GeoNames geographical database is the total population 15708.[3]


The Inhabitants of Asmar are over mostly Pashtuns, with a very small population of Nooristanis. The Pashtun tribes living in Asmar includes;

And some others.

Notable people[edit]

Aslam Khan Asmari, who is a famous historical tribal leader of Sharzis.


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