Assorted Secrets

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Assorted Secrets
Compilation album by
RecordedFall 1981 - May 5, 1983
Length58:40 (1984)
1:09:36 (2000)
ProducerScott Fraser, the Cryptic Corporation
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Residue of the Residents
Assorted Secrets
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Assorted Secrets is a compilation of live and studio rehearsals released by American art rock group the Residents in 1984, originally as a cassette-only release due to the recording and performance quality not meeting the group's standards at the time. Not originally meant to be heard by the public, the cassette was eventually produced and released for much-needed profit following the financial difficulties of the Mole Show tour.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks are written by The Residents

Side one (recorded in Santa Monica, April 10 1982)
1."Mark of the Mole"33:40
Side two
1."The Letter"2:13
2."Ship's a'Goin' Down"2:32
3."Bach is Dead"1:20
4."Birthday Boy"3:41
6."Die in Terror"2:17
7."Give it to Someone Else"0:58
8."Smack Your Lips"4:03
9."Song of the Wild"3:32
10."Happy Home"2:14
Total length:58:40
  • Tracks 1-7 were recorded in fall of 1981.
  • Tracks 8-10 were recorded on May 5, 1983.[1]

2000 CD reissue[edit]

1."God Song"1:33
2."The Letter"2:13
3."Ship's a'Goin' Down"2:32
4."Bach is Dead"1:20
5."Birthday Boy"3:41
7."Die in Terror"2:17
8."Give it to Someone Else"0:58
9."The Festival of Death"9:23
10."Smack Your Lips"4:03
11."Song of the Wild"3:32
12."Happy Home"2:14
13."Mark of the Mole, part 1"14:43
14."Mark of the Mole, part 2"10:44
15."Mark of the Mole, part 3"8:13
Total length:1:09:36


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