Athletics at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's shot put

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Men's shot put
at the Games of the II Olympiad
VenueBois de Boulogne
DatesJuly 14 (qualifier)
July 15 (final)
Competitors11 from 5 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Richard Sheldon
 United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Josiah McCracken
 United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Robert Garrett
 United States
← 1896
1904 →

The men's shot put was a track & field athletics event at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. It was held on July 14 and July 15, 1900. 11 shot putters from five nations competed.[1]


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1900 Summer Olympics.

World Record 14.75(*) Canada George Gray Ottawa (CAN) August 1, 1898
Olympic Record 11.22 United States Robert Garrett Athens (GRE) April 7, 1896 (NS)

(*) unofficial

Richard Sheldon set a new Olympic record in the qualification with 13.80 metres and improved his mark in the final to 14.10 metres.



All throwers competed in the qualifier on July 14. The top five advanced to the final.

Versis did not record a fair mark and it is not clear if he actually competed.

Place Athlete Distance
1  Richard Sheldon (USA) 13.80 m
2  Josiah McCracken (USA) 12.85 m
3  Robert Garrett (USA) 12.37 m
4  Rezső Crettier (HUN) 11.58 m
5  Panagiotis Paraskevopoulos (GRE) 11.29 m
6  Gustaf Söderström (SWE) 11.18 m
7  Artúr Coray (HUN) 11.13 m
8  Truxtun Hare (USA) 10.92 m
9  August Nilsson (SWE) 10.86 m
10  Charles Winckler (DEN) 10.76 m
 Sotirios Versis (GRE) NM


Qualifier marks were still valid in the final. McCracken and Garrett did not compete, as the final was held on July 15, a Sunday. No changes in position occurred during the final.

Place Athlete Distance Qualifier
1  Richard Sheldon (USA) 14.10 m 13.80 m
2  Josiah McCracken (USA) NM 12.85 m
3  Robert Garrett (USA) NM 12.37 m
4  Rezső Crettier (HUN) 12.07 m 11.58 m
5  Panagiotis Paraskevopoulos (GRE) 11.52 m 11.29 m


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