Athletics at the 1908 Summer Olympics – Men's discus throw

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Men's discus throw
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
Martin Sheridan.jpg
The winner Martin Sheridan
Venue White City Stadium
Date July 16
Competitors 42 from 11 nations
Gold medal    United States
Silver medal    United States
Bronze medal    United States
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Athletics at the
1908 Summer Olympics
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The men's discus throw was one of six throwing events on the Athletics at the 1908 Summer Olympics programme in London. The competition was held on July 16, 1908.

42 throwers from eleven nations competed.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in metres) prior to the 1908 Summer Olympics.

World Record 43.86(*) Germany Wilhelm Dörr Worms (GER) 1907
Olympic Record 41.46 United States Martin Sheridan Athens (GRE) 1906

(*) unofficial


Place Name Nation Distance
1 Martin Sheridan United States 40.89 metres
2 Merritt Giffin United States 40.70 metres
3 Bill Horr United States 39.45 metres
4 Verner Järvinen Finland 39.43 metres
5 Arthur Dearborn United States 38.52 metres
6 Lee Talbott United States 38.40 metres
7 György Luntzer Hungary 38.34 metres
8 André Tison France 38.30 metres
9 John Flanagan United States 37.80 metres
10 Wilbur Burroughs United States 37.43 metres
11 Emil Welz Germany 37.02 metres
12-42 Mór Kóczán Hungary 32.76 metres
Ferenc Jesina Hungary 30.82 metres
Platt Adams United States Unknown
Umberto Avattaneo Italy Unknown
Edward Barrett Great Britain Unknown
Michael Collins Great Britain Unknown
Michalis Dorizas Greece Unknown
John Falchenberg Norway Unknown
Alfred Flaxman Great Britain Unknown
Folke Fleetwood Sweden Unknown
John Garrels United States Unknown
Nikolaos Georgantas Greece Unknown
Simon Gillis United States Unknown
Walter Henderson Great Britain Unknown
Imre Mudin Hungary Unknown
Charles Lagarde France Unknown
Henry Leeke Great Britain Unknown
Eric Lemming Sweden Unknown
Ernest May Great Britain Unknown
John Murray Great Britain Unknown
Theodor Neijström Sweden Unknown
Elmer Niklander Finland Unknown
Otto Nilsson Sweden Unknown
Lauri Pihkala Finland Unknown
Aarne Salovaara Finland Unknown
Jalmari Sauli Finland Unknown
František Souček Bohemia Unknown
Miroslav Šustera Bohemia Unknown
Ludwig Uettwiller Germany Unknown
Hugo Wieslander Sweden Unknown
Lauri Wilskman Finland Unknown


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