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Atlantic Grupa d.d.
Public, multinational company
Traded as ZSEATGR
Industry Fast moving consumer goods, production and distribution
Founded 1991[1]
Founder Emil Tedeschi[1]
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Key people
Emil Tedeschi (CEO), Mladen Veber, Zoran Stanković, Neven Vranković (Members of Management Board)[2]
Revenue HRK 5.451 million (2015) Increase[3]
HRK 404,0 million (2015)[3]
HRK 242,5 million (2015) Increase[3]
Number of employees
5,387 (2015)[3]

Atlantic Grupa d.d. is a Croatian multinational company whose business operations include the production, development, sales and distribution of consumer goods with simultaneous market presence in over 40 countries around the world.[3][4]

Atlantic Grupa is one of the leading FMCG companies in the region,[5][6] active in a number of industries. Its primary activities comprise production and distribution of food products, including sports nutrition products and dietary supplements. Additionally, Atlantic Grupa is also a manufacturer of personal hygiene products, OTC medicines and the company also operates Farmacia chain of pharmacies.[1] Finally, Atlantic Grupa has regional and international distribution network through which, in addition to its own range of brands, it also distributes a range of products from external partners.[2]

The company's headquarters are in Zagreb,[7] while 19 production facilities are located in Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia. Atlantic Grupa owns companies and representative offices in 12 countries.[8][9]


National company: distribution[edit]

The beginning of Atlantic Grupa dates back to 1991 when Atlantic Trade d.o.o.,a company for distribution of consumer goods, was founded. In the following years, the company grew into a national distributor with distribution centres in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and Osijek and a distribution portfolio from principals such as Wrigley, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, etc.[2][10]

Incorporation of Atlantic Trade and the development of consumer goods distribution[7]
Opening of the distribution centre Split[2]
Opening of distribution centres Osijek and Rijeka[2]
Investment in the Ataco distribution system in BiH[11]
Launch of Montana, the first Croatian ready-made sandwich for broad distribution[12]

Regional company: production[edit]

With the opening of the representative office in Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2001 the company became a regional company,[5] which was in later years followed by own distribution companies in Serbia, Macedonia and Slovenia. In addition to being a distribution company, with the acquisition of Cedevita d.o.o. in 2001 Atlantic Grupa also became a production company.[2][10]

Establishing a representative office in Bosnia & Herzegovina[11]
Start up of a distribution company Atlantic Trade d.o.o. Serbia[2]
Acquisition of Cedevita d.o.o., Croatian instant vitamin drink producer [13]
Incorporation of Atlantic Grupa d.o.o.[2]
Acquisition of Neva d.o.o., Croatian cosmetics company [14]
Start up of a distribution company Atlantic Trade Skopje d.o.o.[15]
Start up of a distribution company Atlantic Trade d.o.o. Ljubljana[2]
Acquisition of the brand Melem, small Croatian manufacturer of all-purpose skin and lip balm[10]

International company: production, development, sales and distribution[edit]

Breaking out of the region followed in 2005 with the acquisition of a German producer of sports food Multipower, with which Atlantic Grupa entered the European market and became an international company. In 2006 the company was transformed into a joint stock company and next year, after implementation of the initial public offering of shares, Atlantic Grupa quoted its shares on the official market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. In 2008 the company started to acquire pharmacy institutions and form its own pharmacy chain Farmacia. A turning point in the company's operations was its largest acquisition of the company with a developed brand portfolio from its own production programme and leading positions in regional markets – Droga Kolinska d.d.[2][10]

Acquisition of a German sports food producer Multipower [16]
Establishing a representative office in Moscow[2]
Transformation of Atlantic Grupa into a joint-stock company[17][18]
Acquisition of Fidifarm d.o.o., leading Croatian producer of OTC medicines[16][19]
Acquisition of Multivita d.o.o., Serbian instant vitamin drink producer[20]
Listing of Atlantic Grupa d.d. shares on the official market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange[21]
Acquisition of pharmacies and forming of the pharmacy chain Farmacia[22]
Acquisition of Droga Kolinska d.d., leading Slovenian food producer[23]
Acquisition of Kalničke Vode Bio Natura d.d.[24]
Establishing cooperation with Unilever [25]
Acquisition of Foodland, Serbian producer of homemade fruit and vegetable products e.g. jams, juices [26]
Construction of the new production plant for the production of Multipower energy bars in Nova Gradiška[27]


Organisational structure[edit]

The business organisation of Atlantic Grupa comprises two basic segments:[1]

  • Business operations of Atlantic Grupa may be followed through business activities of special business units related to individual product type, and special sales units which cover all major markets as well as strategic sales channels.[1]
  • Corporate support functions are centrally organised and, depending on their respective functional area, provide support to the development and management of the entire Atlantic Grupa.[1]

Corporate government[edit]

Atlantic Grupa's corporate management structure is based on a dual system consisting of the Company's Supervisory Board and Management Board. Together with the General Assembly, a body in which shareholders accomplish their rights in Company matters, they represent the three principal bodies of the Company.[2]

Management Board[edit]

Atlantic Grupa's Management Board is composed of the President and CEO, Senior Vice President for Business operations, Vice President for Finance and Vice President for Corporate Affairs. Alongside the Management Board operates the Strategic Management Council which represents a multifunctional body dealing with vital strategic and operational corporate issues.[27]

  • Emil Tedeschi: President of the Management Board
  • Mladen Veber: Senior Vice President for Business Operations
  • Zoran Stanković: Vice President for Finance
  • Neven Vranković: Vice President for Corporate Affairs

Supervisory Board[edit]

Supervisory Board of Atlantic Grupa comprises seven members, representatives of the academic and business community as well as shareholders. Members of Supervisory Board are:[27]

  • Zdenko Adrović: President
  • Lada Tedeschi Fiorio: Vice President
  • Lars Peter Elam Håkansson: Member
  • Siniša Petrović: Member
  • Franz-Josef Flosbach: Member
  • Saša Pekač: Member
  • Jean Louis Yvon Gourbin: Member


Atlantic's Brands[edit]

Atlantic Grupa develops its Brands in 6 Strategic Business Units (SBU): Beverages, Coffee, Snacks, Savoury Spreads, Pharma and Personal Care, and Sports and Functional Food and 2 Business Units: Baby Food and Gourmet.[9][28]

Principals' Brands[edit]

Atlantic Grupa distributes the entire product range from Atlantic's own production and the assortment of external principals, through two distribution zones; East and West.[30] In Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Russia, Germany and Austria,[9] Atlantic owns its own distribution companies while distribution in B&H and Montenegro is organised in cooperation with the partner company Ataco.[2]

Atlantic Grupa's portfolio is approximately 70% Atlantic's Brands with the rest being Principals' Brands.[31]


Atlantic Grupa Key Figures 2015

Atlantic Grupa is a multinational company that has firms and representative offices in 12 countries.[27] It exports its products to more than 40 markets worldwide.[30] After Croatia, the most important markets are Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and Montenegro and Macedonia.[28] In those markets where it is not present with its own operating companies, Atlantic Grupa has developed partnerships with regional and national distributors.[8][28]


The production on this market takes place in six production facilities - Cedevita, Neva,[32] Montana and Fidifarm in Zagrebu, Atlantic Multipower Hrvatska in Nova Gradiška and also Izvori Kalnika in Apatovcu. Storage and distribution of its own and principals’ brands takes place through Atlantic distribution centers, which are located in 5 cities in this market - Zagreb, Varaždin, Rijeka, Split and Osijek. In Croatian market, Atlantic Grupa owns and operates a network of pharmacies and specialised stores Farmacia, which has over 75 sales points.[33] Head office is located in Zagreb, Miramarska 23, where the company management is also seated.


Two companies operate within Atlantic Grupa in Slovenia, namely Droga Kolinska d.d. and the distributor Atlantic Trade d.o.o. Production of savoury spreads and coffee is located in Izola, baby food in Mirna, while the bottling facility is located in Rogaška Slatina. Both of the said companies are based in Ljubljana, Kolinska 1.


The following companies are operating within Atlantic Grupa in Serbia: Štark, Grand Prom, Foodland [26] Palanački Kiseljak and Multivita, as well as the Atlantic Brands,[34] distributor as part of the regional distribution system of Atlantic Grupa. The production of confectionary products and coffee (Soko Štark and Grand Prom) is located in Belgrade; Palanački kiseljak, where in addition to the "Karađorđe" water brands "Cockta" and "Jupi" are produced, in Smederevska Palanka, Multivita in Vršac. Central Distribution Center is in Šimanovci, while the remaining centers are in Srbobran, Čačak and Niš. Headquarter of Atlantic Grupa's Serbian operations is in Belgrade, Kumodraška Street 249.

Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

The following companies are operating within the Atlantic Grupa in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Argeta d.o.o. Sarajevo,[35] and Grand Prom Bijeljina. The production of savoury spreads is located in Sarajevo, and of the Grand Kafa coffee in Glavičice.[2] Except for Grand Prom d.o.o. Glavičica, which is based in Bijeljina, the company headquarters are located in the office building at Donji Hadžići 138 in Sarajevo[2][36]


Atlantic Multipower Germany was founded in Hamburg in 1977, and since 2005 acquisition it operates as a part of Atlantic Grupe with [37] subsidiaries in Italy, England and Spain.[2] I addition to Hamburg office, Atlantic in Germany operates through its own distribution company Atlantic Brands located in Frankfurt.[9]

Atlantic Brands in Austria operates since 2015 with offices located in Vienna.[9]

Macedonia and Montenegro[edit]

Within Atlantic Grupa in Macedonia there are two operating companies – Atlantic Trade Skopje,[38] DOO Skopje and Droga Kolinska DOOEL Skopje as part of the regional distribution system of Atlantic Grupa and also part of the coffee production system. Administrative building is located at Šar planina bb, Skoplje,[39] Atlantic Grupa in Montenegro has Multivita representative office and its headquarters is at Bandići street bb, Danilovgrad.[39]


The Atlantic Grupa in Russia includes the company Droga Kolinska Moskva, which is in the baby food distribution business and the company headquarter is situated at 1st Derbenevsky lane 5 in Moscow. Russia and neighbouring countries (region of the Commonwealth of Independent States, CIS) are becoming increasingly important for the business development of Atlantic Grupa so at the end of 2013 reorganisation was carried out with which the CIS market became the Strategic Business Unit responsible for the distribution of Atlantic Brands.[2][40]


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