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Auburn School District No. 408
King County Washington Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Auburn Highlighted.png
Map of King County, Washington with incorporated and unincorporated areas of Auburn highlighted
"James P. Fugate Building" 915 4th Street NE, Auburn, WA 98002
United States
District information
GradesPre-K through 12
SuperintendentDr. Kip Herren
School boardRay Vefik, Carol (Helgerson) Seng, Laurie Bishop, Anne Baunach, Lisa Connors
Students and staff
Other information

Auburn School District No. 408 is a public school district in King County, Washington, seated in Auburn. The district encompasses a 62 square-mile area bridging King County, Washington and Pierce County, Washington, and serves approximately 75,000 residents in Auburn, Algona, Pacific, and a small portion of Kent, as well as unincorporated census-designated places such as Lake Morton-Berrydale and Lake Holm.

In October 2014, the district had an enrollment of 14,900 students. Consisting of 14 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 3 comprehensive high schools, and 1 alternative high school.

Growth in the last decade, prompted the district to build a total of 9 new schools (5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 2 comprehensive high schools). While Auburn Mountainview High School is the newest comprehensive high school built since 1992, Auburn High School (formerly Auburn Senior High School) will be the newest building added to the Auburn School District in 2014. The district employs 849 certified teachers, and staff, and 801 classified staff.[2] In addition several former students from the district have become well known names, including Washington State governor, Christine Gregoire, Commander Dick Scobee, and several other notable names.

School Board[edit]

The Auburn School District Board of Directors consists of five members who are elected by the voters of the entire school district. Board members serve four-year staggered terms and must be a registered voter, at the time of their election or appointment, in the geographical region, known as a Director District, they represent on the board. The board sets school policies within the guidelines of the law and the State Board of Education. Board meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of month at 7 p.m. at the James P. Fugate Administration Building board room, located at 915 4th St NE, Auburn, WA 98002.[3] Special sessions are announced to the public in advance.

School Board Members[4]
Director Director
Ray Vefik [1] 1 1998 2019 President
Robyn Mulenga [2] 2 2015 2019 Vice-President
Laurie Bishop [3] 3 2013 2021
Laura Theimer [4] 4 2018 2019
Ryan Van Quill [5] 5 2014 2021


Auburn Senior High, opened 1950.
Auburn's newest comprehensive High School, Auburn Mountainview. Opened 2006.

High schools[edit]

School Location Mascot Colors Approx.
Auburn High School [6] Auburn Trojans Green/Gold 1,874
Auburn Riverside High School ([7]) Auburn Ravens Navy Blue/Teal/Silver 1,742
Auburn Mountainview High School ([8]) Auburn Lions Blue/Orange 1,429
West Auburn Secondary High School ([9]) Auburn Wolves Grey 275

Middle schools 6-8[edit]

  • Cascade MS
    • Cascade Middle School is located in North Auburn, and has a student population of 750.
  • Mt. Baker MS
    • Mt. Baker Middle School is located in the Southwest Region of Auburn.
  • Olympic MS
    • Olympic Middle School is located in South Auburn and has about 700 students.
  • Rainier MS
    • Rainier Middle School is situated on Lea Hill and has 900 students.

Elementary schools K-5[edit]

  • Alpac ES
    • Located in Pacific, Washington - Opened in 1973 and named for the cities of Algona and Pacific. Originally an open classroom concept school, but converted to standard classroom ideals in 1983.
  • Arthur Jacobsen ES
    • Opened in 2007, on the former Jacobsen Tree farm and on the lower portion of Auburn Mountainview's campus.
  • Chinook ES
    • Opened in 1963 and named for the nearby White River Fish Hatchery. Located on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation.
  • Dick Scobee ES
    • Dick Scobee Elementary opened in 1959 as North Auburn Elementary and was renamed for the famed astronaut and Auburn High School graduate who died as commander of the Space Shuttle Challenger, Dick Scobee.
  • Evergreen Heights ES
    • Opened in 1970, located on the West Hill of Auburn.
  • Gildo Rey ES
    • Opened in 1969, under the name of South Auburn Elementary and was renamed in 1976 in honor of a longtime faculty member, Gildo Rey.
  • Hazelwood ES
    • Opened 1990, on Auburn's Lea Hill.
  • Ilalko ES
    • Opened 1992. Named after a Native American village, the word "Ilalko" means "Striped Water."
  • Lakeland Hills ES
    • Auburn's largest Elementary school, opened in the Lakeland Hills community 2006.
  • Lake View ES
    • Opened in 1980.
  • Lea Hill ES
    • Opened in 1965 as one of only 11 schools in the United States designated as a National Educational landmark by the National Park Service.
  • Pioneer ES
    • Opened in 1950. The principal is Debra Gary.
  • Terminal Park ES
    • opened in 1945 and it was named for the terminal end of the railroad and the neighborhood where the rail workers lived, Terminal Park.
  • Washington ES
    • The oldest Elementary school in Auburn, located next to Auburn High School, originally opened in 1920, was demolished and re-built in 1970.


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