Aural Guerrilla

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Aural Guerrilla
Aural Guerrilla cover.jpg
Studio album by The Ex
Released 1988
Recorded Mar 1, 1988-Mar 7, 1988 at Studio Suite 16, Rochdale, England
Genre Anarcho punk
Label Ex Records
Homestead Records
Producer Jon Langford
The Ex chronology
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Aural Guerrilla
Joggers and Smoggers
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [1]

Aural Guerrilla is the sixth studio album by Dutch anarchist post-punk band The Ex. Released in 1988 simultaneously on the band's own Ex Records in Europe and in the United States indie rock label Homestead Records, Aural Guerrilla was the first of the Ex's studio albums to be widely distributed in the North America. The album's original vinyl release featured multiple pages of newsprint inserts featuring comics, posters, and other information, as well as a regular insert containing the album's lyrics and a replica of the album's cover formatted to the size of an audio cassette alongside a note encouraging the record's owner to duplicate and distribute the album at will. The album's central cover image is that of a gorilla yawning, suggesting the homonymous pun with the album's title, "oral gorilla."

Aural Guerrilla was re-issued on CD in 1993 by Ex Records in the Netherlands and by Fist Puppet in the U.S. The Greek label Di Di Music also reissued the album on vinyl.

"A Motorbike in Afrika" is a cover of the song by Peter Hammill, from his album The Future Now (1978).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Headache by Numbers"
  2. "Fashionation"
  3. "2.2"
  4. "Carcass"
  5. "Welcome to the Asylum"
  6. "Meanwhile at McDonna's"
  7. "Shooting-Party"
  8. "Evolution(?)"
  9. "A Motorbike in Afrika"
  10. "Godgloeiendeteringklootzak"

Personnel and recording[edit]

  • Terrie (guitar)
  • G.W. Sok (vocals)
  • Luc (bass)
  • Katrin (drums)
  • Nicolette (guitar, whistles, mouth-organ)
  • Ferrie Meurkerrie (trumpet on "Fashionation")
  • Harry (percussion on "A Motorbike In Afrika")
  • Dolf Planteijdt (guitar on "2.2")


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