Australian Survivor (season 6)

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Australian Survivor (season 6)
Australian Survivor-Champions vs. Contenders Logo 2019.jpg
Presented byJonathan LaPaglia
No. of days50
No. of castaways24
WinnerPia Miranda
Runner-upBaden Gilbert
LocationSavusavu, Fiji
Country of originAustralia
No. of episodes24
Original networkNetwork 10
Original release24 July (2019-07-24) –
17 September 2019 (2019-09-17)
Additional information
Filming dates3 May 2019 (2019-05-03) – 21 June 2019 (2019-06-21)
Season chronology
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Episode List

The sixth season of Australian Survivor, also known as Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders, is a television series based on the international reality game show franchise Survivor. As with the previous season, the season features 24 contestants divided into two tribes: "Champions", composed of twelve high-achievers who excelled in their fields, and "Contenders", composed of twelve everyday Australians.

It premiered on Wednesday, 24 July 2019, and concluded on 17 September 2019 with Pia Miranda named the winner over Baden Gillbert in a unanimous 9-0 vote, winning the grand prize of A$500,000 and title of Sole Survivor.[1][2] It is the fourth season to air on Network 10 and is hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia.


The 24 contestants were divided into two tribes based on celebrity status: "Champions," composed of 12 people who have received accolades and fame for their exceptional work in their given fields, and "Contenders," composed of 12 non-celebrities. The Champions include Boost Juice founder and Shark Tank star Janine Allis, former senator, Olympic hockey gold medalist and Olympic sprinter Nova Peris, Olympic speed skating gold medalist Steven Bradbury and Australian Survivor season 4 contestant Luke Toki, who is the first former Australian Survivor player to return for another season. Among the Contenders is former AFL player Shaun Hampson and The Amazing Race Australia 1 contestant Samantha "Sam" Schoers.[3]

List of Australian Survivor (season 6) contestants
Contestant Original tribe Switched tribe Post-Kidnap Tribe Merged tribe Finish
Anastasia Woolmer
42, Brisbane, QLD
Australian Memory Champion
Champions 1st voted out
Day 2
Laura Choong
31, Sydney, NSW
Contenders 2nd voted out
Day 5
Susie Maroney
44, Cronulla, NSW
Marathon swimmer
Champions 3rd voted out
Day 7
Nova Peris
48, Darwin, NT
Former politician and Olympic athlete
Champions 4th voted out
Day 10
Steven Bradbury
45, Camden, NSW
Olympic speed skater
Champions 5th voted out
Day 12
Andrew "E.T." Ettingshausen
53, Sutherland, NSW
Former NRL player
Champions 6th voted out
Day 14
Samantha "Sam" Schoers
30, Perth, WA
Contenders Champions 7th voted out
Day 16
Sarah Ayles
45, Adelaide, SA
Contenders Champions 8th voted out
Day 18
Hannah Pentreath
27, Bendigo, VIC
Contenders Champions Champions 9th voted out
Day 22
Casey Hawkins
31, Melbourne, VIC
Contenders Contenders Contenders 10th voted out
Day 24
Matt Farrelly
29, Sydney, NSW
Contenders Contenders Contenders 11th voted out
Day 26
Ross Clarke-Jones
53, Central Coast, NSW
Big wave surfer
Champions Contenders Contenders Medically evacuated
Day 28
Andrew "Andy" Meldrum
47, Noosa, QLD
Contenders Champions Champions Soli Bula 12th voted out
Day 30
Shaun Hampson
31, Melbourne, VIC
Contenders Contenders Champions 13th voted out
1st jury member
Day 32
David Genat
39, Brooklyn, New York, USA
International supermodel
Champions Champions Champions 14th voted out
2nd jury member
Day 34
John Eastoe
28, Kalgoorlie, WA
Contenders Champions Champions 15th voted out
3rd jury member
Day 36
Daisy Richardson
24, Adavale, QLD
Contenders Champions Champions Lost exile duel[a]
4th jury member
Day 41
Simon Black
40, Brisbane, QLD
Former AFL player
Champions Contenders Contenders 18th voted out
5th jury member
Day 42
Janine Allis
53, Melbourne, VIC
Champions Contenders Contenders 19th voted out
6th jury member
Day 44
Abbey Holmes
28, Adelaide, SA
AFL Women's player
Champions Contenders Contenders 20th voted out
7th jury member
Day 46
Luke Toki
32, Perth, WA
Australian Survivor contestant
Champions Champions Champions 21st voted out
8th jury member
Day 47
Harry Hills
30, Perth, WA
Contenders Contenders Contenders 22nd voted out
9th jury member
Day 49
Baden Gilbert
23, Adelaide, SA
Contenders Champions Champions Runner-up
Day 50
Pia Miranda
46, Melbourne, VIC
Champions Contenders Contenders Sole Survivor
Day 50


  1. ^ The 16th and 17th castaways voted out were exiled to Exile Beach. On Day 38 Daisy was the 16th person voted out and on Day 40 Simon became the 17th person voted out. On Day 41, the exiled castaways dueled to remain in the game - the winner returned to the Soli Bula tribe, the loser would be officially eliminated. Simon defeated Daisy in the duel, eliminating Daisy.

Future appearances[edit]

David Genat and Harry Hills competed in Australian Survivor: All-Stars.

Season summary[edit]

The sequel to last season's theme, 23 new contestants were divided into two tribes. 12 Contenders, representing everyday Australians, faced off against the 11 Champions, high achievers in their respective fields. Joining the Champions was Luke from Australian Survivor 2017 as the People's Champion. Despite having a returning player in their tribe, the Champions struggled in challenges with an initial Sporty Seven leading the tribe, until David, Janine, Luke, and Pia managed to get the alliance to turn on themselves. Meanwhile, the Contenders were a united front with Shaun, a former AFL player, and Daisy as a power duo, with Andy and Harry floating in the middle.

Down 11 to 7, the Champions' new alliance were split apart in a tribe swap that left allies David and Luke stranded in a Champions tribe with 7 original Contenders. However, with clever idol plays, and the Contenders working to break up Andy's social game with the women, the duo managed to survive even after a surprise kidnap vote which saw Shaun being stolen from the Contenders by the new Champions tribe. With the physical power shifting to the new Champions, Harry and Janine led opposing alliances which saw Harry's remaining allies picked off one by one while he saved himself with idols. Before the merge arrived, the two made a truce to blindside the last of the remaining Sporty Seven Champions in Simon, but an injury at the last tribal immunity challenge by Ross saw Tribal Council cancelled for the Contenders.

Ross's evacuation saw the Champions and Contenders on equal level entering the merge, but the Contenders lost their numbers when the merged tribe, Soli Bula, unanimously decided to take out Andy as an untrustworthy player, with Shaun following due to his status as a physical threat. The women in the Champions' alliance gathered the Contenders and Simon to blindside David and Luke, but a key immunity win by Luke saw the supermodel be sent to the jury instead of him. As the Contenders' numbers shrunk, Luke and Abbey started to stray from the Champions and aligned with the last two Contenders, Harry and Baden, to vote Simon to Exile Beach to defeat the last remaining Contender woman, Daisy. After Simon's return and subsequent permanent elimination, the new alliance turned on a perceived strategic powerhouse in Janine. With the bigger challenge threats eliminated, Luke began an immunity streak which also saw him finding an Send Back advantage, which allowed him to pick any player to send back to camp during tribal before the vote. He used the advantage to send Baden back to camp in order to turn on Abbey over his closer ally, Pia. However, Luke's immunity run ended at the final four with the two Contenders and Pia sending him to the jury. With an Australian Survivor record-breaking final immunity challenge lasting over 6 hours and 40 minutes, Baden surprised the jury with an immunity win and sent the wily Harry to the jury instead of Pia.

The Final Two, Baden and Pia, were both criticized for their subtle social game by the jury. However, Pia managed to point out her contributions to the numerous decisions made by the Champions' alliance post swap and kidnapping until the merge, which saw louder power players systematically voted out. Baden struggled to assert his agency in his game, rather than the game being played past him. With a unanimous decision of 9 votes by the jury, Pia's social and strategic game was awarded at the end of the Final Tribal Council in Fiji with the grand prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

Challenge winners and eliminations by episode
In the case of multiple tribes or castaways who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one castaway won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.
  1. ^ The Champions were told to invite a castaway from the Contenders on their reward; they chose John.
  2. ^ The Champions were told to invite a castaway from the Contenders on their reward; they chose Baden. Baden was then told to bring another Contender on reward; he chose Shaun.
  3. ^ No Reward Challenge, due to Tribe Swap.
  4. ^ Instead of the Contenders tribe voting out a castaway, the Champions tribe voted for a Contender to kidnap — bringing them over to their tribe. Shaun was 'stolen' by the Champions tribe and become part of their tribe.
  5. ^ The Champions were told to invite a castaway from the Contenders on their reward; they chose Harry.
  6. ^ Ross was evacuated due to a broken ankle sustained during the Immunity Challenge. The Immunity Challenge continued while Ross’ injuries could be diagnosed by the medical team. Later in the day, both tribes were informed of Ross’ injuries and that he was not deemed fit to continue. Because of Ross’ evacuation, the planned Contenders’ Tribal Council was canceled.
  7. ^ In place of a reward challenge, a Dilemma occurred. Simon (as elected by the tribe) was given a pizza with 10 slices of varying sizes and had to assign the slices to everyone in the tribe - this dilemma went unaired in the episode, but was available as an extra on 10play.[4]
  8. ^ The Challenge was contested in pairs. Harry did not have a partner and therefore did not compete. As Harry had correctly guessed the winning team, he joined them on the reward.
  9. ^ a b c On Days 38 and 40, the Soli Bula tribe voted to send a tribemate to Exile Beach. On Day 41 the two exiled castaways dueled, with the winner returning to the tribe and the loser being officially eliminated form the game. Daisy and Simon were exiled. Simon won the duel, officially eliminating Daisy.
  10. ^ Luke played a "Send Away" Power on Baden - this sent Baden away from Tribal Council, so he would not participate in the vote but could not be voted against at this Tribal Council.
  11. ^ No Reward Challenge was held. Instead, the Final 4 participated in a questionnaire activity, which resulted in Luke and Baden receiving Burgers.


No. in
TitleTimelineOriginal air date
1031"Episode 1"Days 1—224 July 2019 (2019-07-24)

Just as the previous season, the 12 champions of their field and 12 everyday Australians arrived on the island. There, they battled in their first challenge for tribal necessities.

  • Reward challenge: One castaway from each tribe will face off on a circled platform. The castaways will race towards a sandbag laying on the middle of the platform. The first person to bring the sandbag back into their tribe's square scores a point. The first tribe to score three points would win a survival start-up kit, which includes fruits, vegetables, rope, firewood and a flint.

As both tribes were tied 2-2, E.T. scored the final point over Andy, winning the challenge for the Champions.

At the Champions camp, Steven made alliances with his fellow athletes on the tribe, calling themselves the "Sporty Seven". This included E.T., Simon, Ross, Susie, Abbey, and Nova. However, Luke started catching onto the fact that the athletes were starting to band together. Luke bonded with David, seeing him as a friend like Jericho from his last season, and the former approached Pia, Anastasia, and Janine for alliances.

At the Contenders camp, while everyone is introducing themselves, Andy lies and tells everyone he is a freelance writer when he is actually an entrepreneur and poker player. Andy hopes to play the most dominant game, to date, and has been practicing various challenge skills in his backyard to prepare. On the first night, the Contenders' shelter ends up collapsing on them and they end up getting sick the next morning after eating the beans that they soaked in water overnight.

  • Immunity challenge: Both tribes will race through a series of walls and a giant A-frame. At the end of the A-frame, the tribes will push a heavy deck though their track; at the end of the track, they will foot the deck up to create a ramp to climb over a tower. Once every tribe member is on the tower, the tribe will get down to the other side and pull up a heavy frame with five tiles. Two members of each tribe will throw war clubs though the tiles. The first tribe to break all tiles will win immunity.

At the Immunity challenge, the Champions were leading, but the Contenders pulled off an upset to win immunity. With Tribal Council looming, the Sporty Seven targeted Pia to keep the tribe stronger. Steven was concerned about being seen as the leader of the group and hoped to label ET as a false leader to keep himself safe. Luke's group wanted to target Susie as they perceived her as weakest, but Nova eavesdropped on their conversation. Nova was put off by how Anastasia was campaigning to her, leading Nova to believe that Anastasia might be a huge threat down the road and should leave first. Nova told Susie that her name was being thrown around and both attempted to convince the rest of the Sporty Seven to vote out Anastasia. ET had doubts because of how well Anastasia performed in the first challenge. Nova told Luke that she wanted Anastasia out, but Luke ended up revealing this information to Anastasia. In order to keep the tribe and their alliance stronger, Luke and David were willing to vote out Pia first to keep Anastasia in the game as they knew the Sporty Seven was unbreakable and they didn't have the numbers. Pia realized that her allies would rather keep Anastasia over her and began to campaign within the Sporty Seven to convince them to keep her instead.

At Tribal Council, both Anastasia and Pia acknowledged that they were on the chopping block. Pia hoped that her positive attitude would make people want to keep her while Anastasia referred to her good performances in the challenges as the reason why she should stay. When the votes were read, the Sporty Seven agreed to go along with Nova's plan to eliminate Anastasia. Anastasia became the first person voted out of Australian Survivor.

1042"Episode 2"Days 3—525 July 2019 (2019-07-25)

At the Champions camp, Pia believes her acting skills helped her survive the vote. Susie is hoping that her Sporty Seven alliance will continue to stay strong moving forward. However, Luke has intentions on trying to break up the alliance. Luke creates another "Spy Shack" (a tactic also used by Tony of Survivor US: Cagayan) and speaks with David about their plans moving forward. David knows that they need to flip two people from the Sporty Seven and he plans on using his charm and looks to flip Abbey and Ross to their side.

  • Reward challenge: One pair from each tribe will face off, pushing against each other on a giant turnstile. First pair to cross the finish line will score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score three points will win a tarp, a fishing kit and materials to build their own raft that will be waiting on their camp.

After a close battle, Abbey and Janine scored the third point, winning the challenge for the Champions. Having played before, Luke surmised there would likely be a clue hidden among the reward items. When night falls, Luke searches the raft the tribe won and finds an idol clue inside. The clue reveals the idol is buried underground.

  • Immunity challenge: Each castaway from each tribe will slide into a mud pit. Once all the tribe members are across the mud pit, four tribe members will climb over two big walls and push them down to create a clear path. Then, the whole tribe will drag a box full of puzzle pieces through the path; at the end of the path, the'll have to create a giant puzzle from the box to win immunity.

As the area was muddy, both tribes struggled to drag the box across the path. The Champions were the first to successfully do so, and Ross & Steven completed the puzzle to win immunity for the Champions.

At Contenders, Baden is extremely worried that he'll be voted out because he isn't physically strong and he doesn't feel like he's fitting in socially with his tribe. There is a consensus among the tribe that Baden should be first out, with Matt being the strongest advocate. However, Andy and Harry believe that Laura is more of a threat moving forward than Baden. Laura had previously been upset to have been sat out of the Reward Challenge, so Laura began working on her social and strategic game by talking with everyone because she felt her being sat out meant the tribe viewed her as weak. Harry had noticed Laura talking and believed that she was playing the game hard. Harry begins to approach everyone to try and flip the vote towards Laura.

Matt is not happy that people are suggesting Laura because he believes Laura has been underestimated and can contribute more than Baden. Laura can tell that Harry has been talking with everyone, except her, and asks who Baden is supposed to be voting for. Harry says that they told Baden to vote for Sarah, which doesn't make a lot of sense to Laura. Laura begins to feel like people are targeting her so she begins to reaffirm some relationships to keep herself safe.

At Tribal Council, the tribe discusses keeping themselves strong and Matt specifically states that some people have not contributed equally in the strength in the challenges. Both Laura and Baden state that they are on the chopping block. Baden gives an impassioned speech to plead his case and believes he will be valuable to the tribe in future challenges. When the votes are cast, Andy and Harry have both interestingly voted for Baden along with Daisy and Laura, but their plan to have Laura voted out works as the remaining eight players vote for Laura. Laura becomes the second person voted out of Australian Survivor.

1053"Episode 3"Days 6—728 July 2019 (2019-07-28)

At the Champions camp, Luke, David, Janine, and Pia continue to look for cracks in the Sporty Seven alliance. They believe they might have found one when Nova instructs her tribemates to only eat one banana per day, which doesn't make Ross very happy. Luke observes that Ross is a free spirit, he doesn't really take well to being told what to do, and he believes that he can use this to get Ross to flip to his side.

  • Reward challenge: One castaway from each tribe will face off on a trench, where they'll race towards a bell at the opposite end, while the opponent will block the other castaway. First castaway to ring the rival's bell will score a point. The first tribe to score five points will win a crate of mystery items.

Shaun scored the fifth point to win the crate for the Contenders. Back at camp, the Contenders find out that they must select one of their tribe members to divide up the reward items among the tribe. The tribe chooses John. Andy observes the items being handed out and deduces that Shaun, Daisy, Matt, and John are running the camp; Baden, Hannah, and Sarah are on the bottom, while he, Sam, Casey, and Harry were in the middle.

At the Champions camp, Luke and David find the idol from the clue Luke had and Luke takes possession of the idol.

  • Immunity challenge: Both tribes will race through a log that they'll have to dig under. When all the tribe mates crossed the log, they'll carry a heavy plank through a series of obstacles. They'll use the plank as a seesaw to collect sand bags. Once all sand bags are collected, five castaways will hold on a pole, while two tribe mates will try to land the sandbags on the top of the pole. The first tribe to land sandbags on all five poles will win immunity.

Andy and Hannah landed all the sandbags to win immunity for the Contenders. Several of the Champions blamed Janine for the loss since she suggested that the tribe dig a longways trench under the log instead of a deep trench and the tribe followed her instructions. Steve, Nova, and Susie believe that Janine should own up to her mistake and be voted out. However, Abbey is not in agreement with the rest of the Sporty Seven and believes that Janine will be beneficial to the Champions. Abbey expresses concern that she doesn't have a voice in the decision making in the Sporty Seven and she is instead being told what to do. David and Janine pitch to Abbey that Susie is the weakest tribe member and should be voted out. David tells Abbey that she can use this opportunity to send a message to the Sporty Seven to take her more seriously. Meanwhile, Luke also attempts to convince Ross to join their alliance to vote out Susie. Both Abbey and Ross are on the fence about the vote and are not sure which way to go.

At Tribal Council, the tribe talks about relationships that have been built and keeping the tribe strong. Susie hopes that the trust she has built already in the game will come through for her tonight. Janine takes the opportunity to plea to everyone to think about the strength in the tribe and not to just follow along with a plan. Janine argues that voting her out is not the smartest move and hopes if anyone is on the fence, they consider that when they vote. When the votes are cast, Abbey and Ross decide to flip and cast their votes for Susie, making the vote 7-5. Susie becomes the third person voted out of Australian Survivor.

1064"Episode 4"Days 8—1029 July 2019 (2019-07-29)

At the Champions, Luke celebrates his victory of splitting up the Sporty Seven and having his alliance bring Ross and Abbey over to their side. Abbey and Ross are both feeling the heat from flipping as Steve and Nova have been very bitter towards them. Steve is feeling extremely vulnerable as he organized this alliance and he thinks he's next to go.

  • Reward challenge: One by one, castaways from each tribe ran out and jump from a tower in an attempt to grab a flag. Once they have their flag, they will swim to a platform, and put the flag into a holder. Once all ten flags have been collected, they'll dive down to retrieve a set of buoys. Once they have all of their buoys, they will use them to solve a word puzzle. The first tribe to finish their puzzle wins hot chocolate and marshmallows.

At the challenge, Sarah, remembering her experience surviving the Boxing Day Tsunami, froze before leaping in the water. The Champions ultimately won reward; Jonathan told them to pick a Contender to join them, and they selected John. Janine searched the reward items for an advantage and found a clue to an idol. David sees her take the clue, but doesn't say anything. Janine does find the idol, but it's an idol with limited powers. Janine has found an idol that only has power if a Contender takes possession of it and plays it. The parchment states that another idol is hidden at the Contenders beach which can only be played by a Champion. Janine knows that she'll have to try and figure out if there's anyone on the Contenders she can trust in order to give them the idol and hopefully build some trust.

  • Immunity challenge: Eight castaways from each tribe will be tethered to a rope wrapped around several obstacles. Two at a time, they will go through the course. The last pair to finish the course will have a key, used to unlock a gate and release four balls. The last two members of the tribe will use the balls to toss up a vertical ramp and get them in a bucket. The first tribe to get all four balls in their bucket wins immunity. (Contenders Win)

At the Champions, Luke and Pia feel responsible for the tribe's loss. Simon takes an opportunity to talk to Abbey to see if she would rejoin the Sporty Seven. Abbey states that she cannot because she feels Steve and Nova did nothing to make her feel welcome and she cannot work with them. Abbey does talk with Steve and Nova about why she flipped on the Sporty Seven, but Steve cannot accept her explanation and states that Abbey was weak, she lied, and he doesn't appreciate her deceptive gameplay. Abbey is very upset by this conversation and is moved to tears, which prompts David to confront Steve over his behavior. Several people are mad because Steve called Abbey weak. Steve claims that he didn't say Abbey was weak, but rather he stated that her gameplay was weak. Nova comes to Steve's defense stating that Steve did not get confrontational or personal. Nova states that Abbey was called out for her actions, she couldn't handle the pressure, and she accuses Abbey of fake crying. While Steve does apologize to Abbey for how he made her feel, he knows that he's in a position where he will likely be next to go.

At Tribal Council, the tribe discusses the tension that arose at camp between Steve and Abbey. Members of Abbey's alliance accuse Steve of launching a personal attack against Abbey while Steve and Nova dispute that and state that Steve never called Abbey weak and was just confronting her about her game. The tribe states that it is feeling a lot of pressure because they've lost three out of the four Immunity Challenges. When the votes take place, the majority alliance actually decides to vote Nova out to keep the tribe strong and for her defending Steve. Nova becomes the fourth person voted out of Australian Survivor.

1075"Episode 5"Days 11—1230 July 2019 (2019-07-30)

At Contenders, Shaun and Daisy have made a tight alliance. During a trip to the well, Shaun discovers an idol with Daisy that turns out to be the idol with special rules that Janine found last episode. Shaun knows he has to give it to a Champion in order for it to have any power. Shaun is hoping that he can use this idol to establish tight relationships on the other tribe for the merge.

At Champions, Steve is surprised to still be in the game and is trying to work on his social game to get back in the good graces of the tribe. However, David states that Steve has no clue how to play the game and he'll surely be out next. David is liking his position in the game with his alliances, his knowledge of Luke and Janine's idol, but he wants an idol of his own. Janine does finally tell David about her idol in order to gain his trust. David believes he might be able to use this knowledge to his advantage.

  • Reward challenge: Three members from each tribe must race through the water to get control of the ball. They will then pass the ball onto a fourth member on a platform, who will kick it in. The first tribe to kick five goals wins fish and chips. (Champions Win).

At the reward challenge, David and Shaun reveal their knowledge of the special idols and agree to swap them at the next Immunity Challenge. When David asks Janine if he can have the idol, Janine states that she wants to keep it for the merge. However, David wants to get a hold of Shaun's idol so he creates a fake idol to discreetly swap with Shaun’s real one.

  • Immunity challenge: Five members of each tribe will be locked in a series of cages throughout an obstacle course. Two more members of the tribe will run the course, freeing their tribemates along the way. Once everyone is free, all members of the tribe will go under a net and collect a set of sandbags. The final two members will use a set of blocks to create the Australian Survivor logo. Once that is finished, they will use the sandbags to knock down the blocks. The first tribe to knock down all of their blocks wins immunity. (Contenders Win)

During the Immunity Challenge, David and Shaun swap idols but Shaun is not aware he got a fake one while David does get the real idol. Back at camp, the majority alliance decides to split their votes between ET and Steve in case Steve has an idol. In order to prevent a possible blindside, David tells ET and Simon to vote Steve out tonight in order to save themselves. The tribe feels David was a little too arrogant and bossy with his pitch and his alliance wonders if the power is going to David's head. ET and Simon don't appreciate the way David spoke to them and believe that the majority alliance is splitting the vote. Steve, ET, and Simon attempt to convince Ross to join back with them to blindside Pia in order to keep the tribe strong and upset the majority alliance. Pia observes Simon talking to Ross and tells her alliance that they should just all vote for Steve instead of splitting the vote. The alliance is concerned whether Ross will stay loyal to them or will flip back.

At Tribal Council, there is whispering among the majority alliance about whether to split the vote or just vote Steve and whether they can trust Ross. At once point, Ross actually states that he deserves to go home for his poor performance. However, the tribe observes that the vote is not about challenge performance, but about numbers and alliances. Steve states that he is still vulnerable and David states that Steve put himself in that position with the way he played the game. Pia also admits that she is in danger and worries about the vote going awry because of various plans. However, when the votes are cast, the tribe unanimously votes for Steve. Steve becomes the fifth person voted out of Australian Survivor.

1086"Episode 6"Days 13—144 August 2019 (2019-08-04)

At the Contenders, the tribe is enjoying their life of not going to Tribal Council and are bonding better as a team.

At the Champions, ET and Simon know that they are on the bottom of the tribe and perceive David to be running the camp. ET approaches Luke and Ross to convince them to join in an alliance with him and Simon to keep the tribe strong moving forward. Meanwhile, Janine, Pia, and Abbey have formed a tight girls alliance.

  • Reward challenge: Members of each tribe will face off in a tug-o-war in an attempt to smash a pole into a wooden board to score a point. The first two rounds are three-on-three, the next two are four-on-four, and the final round is one-on-one. The first tribe to score 3 points wins burgers and ice-cold beer. (Champions Win)

Despite being down in numbers, the Champions continued their dominance in reward challenges, selecting Baden to join them on reward. Baden then chose Shaun to also accompany them. David is not thrilled that Shaun is visiting and worries he'll discover the idol is fake. While eating, David and Shaun talk about their idols. David lies to Shaun and tells him that he had to play his idol for Pia at the last Tribal Council because Steve tried to take her out. Abbey notices Shaun and David whispering frequently and she worries that David might be trying to make plans with the other tribe.

  • Immunity challenge: Two members of each tribe will stand on a narrow beam atop a tower. Two of the remaining six members will hold a pair of rope in order to keep a sandbag within a painted area. If the sandbag goes below the painted area, the castaway on the beam will fall into the water. Three castaways are assigned to one rope, and are able to switch out at any time, but only once. The last castaway standing on their beam wins immunity for their tribe. (Contenders Win)

During the challenge, Casey asks Pia and Simon if David really played an idol for Pia and the two relate back that they are confused about the story. Back at camp, David candidly tells ET that he is leaving next. David believes that the vote will be a simple split between ET and Simon. ET tries to convince Abbey to come back into an alliance with him and keep him around. Abbey is in a true dilemma as she trusts and likes both ET and Simon. After David talks with Abbey about blindsiding Pia at the very next Tribal Council, Abbey discusses with Janine and Pia the possibility of blindsiding David tonight as they believe his ego is out of control and that he is playing too hard of a game.

At Tribal Council, ET and Simon discuss why their tribe should keep them in the game. Abbey relates to the tribe that this vote is very difficult for her while David states that the vote is very simple and essentially tells everyone in his alliance that they should do what they were told. Despite the earlier discussions, the majority alliance stays strong and cast more votes against ET. ET becomes the sixth person voted out of Australian Survivor.

1097"Episode 7"Days 15—165 August 2019 (2019-08-05)

At Contenders, Shaun is concerned about the strong strategic games Andy and Harry are playing and he wants to keep them on his side so they don't blindside him. Shaun shares with Andy that he and David swapped idols and both possess idols. Andy is happy to learn about the idol, but reveals in private that Shaun was foolish to reveal this to him and he plans to use it against Shaun when the time is right.

On the morning of Day 15, a tribe swap occurs. The new tribes are as follows:

New Champions: Andy, Baden, Daisy, David, Hannah, John, Luke, Sam, and Sarah

New Contenders: Abbey, Casey, Harry, Janine, Matt, Pia, Ross, Shaun, and Simon

At New Contenders, Simon believes that he finally has new life in the game. Janine is happy that on this tribe there are five Champions versus four Contenders so they have the numbers. Harry is very concerned that he is now on the bottom of the new Contenders tribe. While the tribe introduces themselves, Harry finds that the Champions are all very oriented so he lies to the tribe and tells them he has a three-year-old son named Oscar. Harry doesn't have children, but he is hoping that the lie will coerce people into liking him and allow him to infiltrate the Champions Alliance.

  • Immunity challenge: Four pairs of two on each tribe will assume a squatting position while attempting to balance a bar on their shoulders together. If the bar moves enough, it will knock over a stack of blocks, eliminating the pair from the challenge. The last pair standing wins immunity for their tribe. (Contenders Win)

During the Challenge, it comes down to Daisy/Sam versus Janine/Abbey. Luke actually asks Janine and Abbey in front of everyone to throw the Challenge. Nobody responds to Luke's plea and Contenders go on to win.

At New Champions, Luke and David realize that they are completely outnumbered as they are the only two Champions on this tribe against seven Contenders. Andy knows that David has an idol, so he plans to split the votes between Luke and David to ensure one of them leaves. Andy proposes that the deciding vote should be based on a coin flip so Luke and David don't know which one is leaving. Luke and David begin to pull people aside to see if there are any cracks in the Contenders. Both Baden and Sam shoot them down, stating that the Contenders are strong. Luke and David both have idols and decide that they are going to double down and play both of their idols to ensure a Contender leaves. David proposes getting rid of Sam because he didn't like the way she spoke to him during their talk.

Luke and David pulling everyone aside begins to worry Andy. Andy informs the Contenders, minus Daisy, that David has an idol and reveals that Shaun told him about the idol swap. Daisy was not present for this conversation, but overhears Andy talking once she gets back to camp. Daisy is furious that Andy would reveal Shaun's idol to the group when Shaun shared that to Andy in private. Daisy talks privately with John and tells him that she isn't interested in moving forward Contender strong anymore. Daisy doesn't trust Andy and believes he's gotten too much power in this game. Daisy proposes to John that they join with Luke and David to vote out Sam tonight because they need Andy for the challenges, but taking out Sam will weaken Andy's control on the tribe. However, they know they will need five votes for a majority. David and Luke easily agree to this plan. Daisy and John then approach Baden to see if he will join with them. Baden is unsure of how to vote because he believes Luke and David are a huge power duo in the game, but Baden also wants to establish his position in the game and this could do it.

At Tribal Council, Luke and David discuss their precarious positions on the tribe. The tribe also discusses whether tonight is the right time to make a move or not. Several Contenders believe that tonight is not the right time to make a move, but Daisy states that she's going to be voting for whatever is best for her game. When the votes are cast, Baden decides to flip on the Contenders along with Daisy and John as Sam is blindsided with five votes. Sam becomes the seventh person voted out of Australian Survivor.

1108"Episode 8"Days 17—186 August 2019 (2019-08-06)

After losing his closest ally, Andy pledged his loyalty to David to keep himself in the game. Meanwhile, Sarah sought to bring in the other Contenders (Hannah, Baden, and Andy) to vote out Daisy for betraying her old tribemates, essentially making Baden the swing vote.

  • Reward challenge: One person from each tribe will attempt to fight a strong current and keeping within a marked area. The last person in the marked area earns a point for their tribe. The first tribe to 3 points wins pastries and coffee at a Survivor café.

The Contenders won the challenge, and Harry was stunned to see the Contenders on the new Champions tribe turned against Sam. He attempted to bond with the Champions on the Contenders tribe, but only Janine was willing to listen. Harry also searched for an idol, while Casey and Abbey bonded, with the former agreeing to target Harry to save herself if need be. However, Harry eventually found the idol.

  • Immunity challenge: Two members of each tribe will lie in a chamber. The remaining six members of the tribe will race to get a bucket of water from the ocean, then cross a balance beam. From there, they will pour it into a barrel with a pipe, filling the chamber. Once there is enough water in the chamber, it will become more confined and difficult to get air, pressuring them to drop out. The last person standing wins for their tribe.

The Contenders won immunity again. David led a charge to target Sarah for her perceived weakness in challenges, while Andy told Sarah he was on board with her plan against Daisy. However, Andy promptly went to Daisy about Sarah’s plot, upsetting Sarah to the point where she wanted Andy out at all costs. At Tribal Council, Sarah and Andy argued, but only Hannah sided with Sarah against Andy. With the other six votes, Sarah was eliminated.

1119"Episode 9"Day 19—2011 August 2019 (2019-08-11)

At the Contenders camp, Janine told Shaun that the idol David gave him was fake, and Shaun plotted revenge against David.

  • Reward challenge: In one-on-one match-ups, each castaway is tethered to an idol. They must knock down their opponent's idol first to score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to 5 points wins a toasted sandwich making kit and souvenir plates with messages from their loved ones.

The Champions won reward.

  • Immunity challenge: One tribe member will chop through a log to release a set of blocks from an arch. The remaining six members will balance the blocks on a disk across a pair of balance beams and a bamboo curtain. Once all the blocks from the first set are across the bamboo curtain, two members will then untie a set of poles, then use them to get a second set of blocks from an overhead net. Once the tribe has all of their blocks, they must stack them. The first tribe to finish their stack of blocks that can stay up for 3 seconds wins the right to listen into the losing tribe's Tribal Council, and then vote to kidnap one member of the losing tribe.

The Champions finally ended their losing streak in immunity challenges, as Shaun and David whispered to Daisy and Janine, respectively, about voting out the other. Harry revealed his idol to the other Contenders, intending on using it to vote out Janine. He got Casey to tell the female Champions about the idol, but it only put a target on Casey's back for the perception that she was playing both sides. Harry then planned to sway the votes on himself so he could play his idol. At Tribal Council, Harry called out the other castaways for not playing hard, said that Janine was in control, and admitted the story about his son was made up. Plans to vote someone out would have to wait, as Jonathan announced that the Champions would vote to kidnap one of the Contenders tribe members; they chose Shaun, and he was swapped to the Champions tribe.

11210"Episode 10"Day 21—2212 August 2019 (2019-08-12)

With Shaun joining the Contenders on the Champions tribe, David and Luke were targeted.

  • Immunity challenge: Two at a time, castaways will go through an obstacle course, collecting a pair of balls. Once they've collected their balls, they'll go to the top of a tower, where one member of the tribe will dive underwater to pull on a rope, opening a goal. The first tribe to get all eight balls into a goal wins immunity.

The Contenders won immunity, and Hannah began to feel ill. At Tribal Council, Hannah went along with the Contenders' plan to make herself appear in danger, but David and Luke caught onto it, leading to both of them voting against Shaun and playing their idols. Though Luke wasted his, David saved himself by negating three votes, and a 2-2 tie between Hannah and Shaun commenced; on the revote, Hannah was blindsided out of the game.

11311"Episode 11"Day 23—2413 August 2019 (2019-08-13)

  • Reward challenge: In one-on-one match-ups, castaways will race across a set of monkey bars to grab a flag. The first person to grab the flag earns a point for their tribe. If they fall into the water, they are out, but the person still on the monkey bars does not automatically earn a point. The first tribe to 3 wins a private viewing of their loved ones' videos from home at a Survivor cinema.

The Champions won reward.

  • Immunity challenge: Three pairs of two will stand on a narrow perch while hold a gutter with a ball in it. The goal to try to keep the ball in the gutter. If the ball falls out of the gutter or fall off the beam, that pair is eliminated. At regular intervals, they will move down on a narrower beam. The last pair standing wins for their tribe.

The Champions won immunity. At Tribal Council, Harry played his idol to negate four votes, and Casey was eliminated.

11412"Episode 12"Day 25—2618 August 2019 (2019-08-18)

  • Reward challenge: On one-on-one match-ups, castaways will be blindfolded and attempt to collect a ring at the end of a narrow beam on top of a tower. Once they have a ring, they will dive in the water and remove their blindfold and attempt to land the ring on a peg. The first person to get their ring on the peg earns a point for their tribe. The first tribe to 3 points wins a trip to a Survivor pub.

The Champions won reward and selected Harry to join them.

  • Immunity challenge: One at a time, five castaways from each tribe will slide down a water slide and attempt to grab one of four number tiles. Once all four tiles are collected and all five members are down the slide, they will use the number tiles to unlock a combination lock, releasing a sledgehammer. Once they have the sledgehammer, they will use it to smash three wooden targets, releasing three sets of bags containing puzzle pieces. The final two tribe members will use the puzzle pieces to complete a puzzle. The first tribe to complete their puzzle wins.

The Champions won immunity. At Tribal Council, Harry played an idol to save himself once again, and Matt was voted out after a tie between himself and Pia.

11513"Episode 13"Day 27—2819 August 2019 (2019-08-19)

  • Immunity challenge: Castaways will race across a series of stepping poles and swing across on a rope swing. Then one person will toss a pair monkey's fist into a pair of fork to make a set safety lines for a pair of hanging balance beams. Two members will then unscrew a crate of ladder rungs. The tribes will then use the ladder rungs to complete a ladder to the top of a tower. The first tribe to get all of their castaways to the top of the tower and light their fire wins.

During the challenge, Ross injured his ankle, requiring the medical team's attention, and the Champions won immunity. Jonathan and Ross arrived at the Contenders camp to inform the tribe that Ross's injury necessitated his departure from the game; Ross bid farewell to his tribemates, and Tribal Council was cancelled since the tribe had already lost a member.

11614"Episode 14"Day 29—3020 August 2019 (2019-08-20)

The two tribes merged and immediately went into their first individual reward challenge.

  • Reward challenge: Castaways will stand holding a sandbag tethered to a bucket of water above their head. During the challenge, castaways will be offered various temptations including food items, a call home and game advantages, which they may eliminate themselves to receive. The last person left standing wins a mystery crate which will provide them with exactly what they need "to start the next phase of the game".

Daisy won reward.

After the reward challenge, the merged tribe returned to the original Champions beach. Andy suggested the name 'Soli Bula' for the merged tribe which he claimed meant 'to welcome together' in Fijian. However, he revealed later in an interview that it actually meant 'sacrifice'.

Prior to the immunity challenge, Daisy received the crate that she won at the reward challenge. Inside was all the temptations which had been offered throughout the challenge as well as an immunity idol. When she returned to camp, she shared the existence of her immunity idol with Shaun but no one else. However, David suspected that she had received either an immunity idol or a clue to the immunity idol in the reward. At the immunity challenge, Daisy discovered the advantage that she had won in the reward challenge was to begin the challenge 10 minutes after everyone else.

  • Immunity challenge: Castaways will stand holding a rope which holds up a barrel containing 60 per cent of their individual body weight. The rope is threaded through a tile which will smash when the barrel is dropped. The last person left standing wins immunity.

Shaun won immunity. At Tribal Council, Daisy was tricked into playing her immunity idol for herself but only received one vote, with the rest of the tribe voting for Andy, sending him home. After getting his torch snuffed but before leaving the Tribal Council area, Andy revealed to the whole tribe that David had an idol.

11715"Episode 15"Day 31—3225 August 2019 (2019-08-25)
11816"Episode 16"Day 33—3426 August 2019 (2019-08-26)
11917"Episode 17"Day 35—3627 August 2019 (2019-08-27)
12018"Episode 18"Day 37—381 September 2019 (2019-09-01)
12119"Episode 19"Day 39—402 September 2019 (2019-09-02)
12220"Episode 20"Day 41—423 September 2019 (2019-09-03)
12321"Episode 21"Days 43—449 September 2019 (2019-09-09)
12422"Episode 22"Days 45—4610 September 2019 (2019-09-10)
12523"Episode 23"Days 4716 September 2019 (2019-09-16)
12624"Episode 24"Days 48—5017 September 2019 (2019-09-17)

Voting history[edit]

Tribal Phase (Days 1-28)
Individual phase (Day 29-50)


  1. ^ a b On Day 20, instead of voting out a castaway, the Champions tribe voted for a Contender to "kidnap" — bringing them over to their tribe. Shaun was kidnapped by the Champions tribe and become part of their tribe.
  2. ^ a b c The Tribal Council vote resulted in a tie. Per the rules, a second vote was held where the castaways involved in the tie would not vote and the remaining castaways could only vote for those who tied.
  3. ^ David played a hidden immunity idol, therefore three votes against him were negated; Luke played a hidden immunity idol, however there were no votes against him.
  4. ^ Harry played a hidden immunity idol, therefore four votes against him were negated.
  5. ^ Harry played a hidden immunity idol, therefore three votes against him were negated.
  6. ^ No vote; Ross was pulled from the game due to a broken ankle. The paned Contender's Tribal Council was cancelled.
  7. ^ a b Matt and Pia were not eligible to vote in the revote.
  8. ^ a b Hannah and Shaun were not eligible to vote in the revote.
  9. ^ a b On Days 38 and 40, the Soli Bula tribe voted to send a tribemate to Exile Beach. On Day 41 the two exiled castaways dueled, with the winner returning to the tribe and the loser being officially eliminated form the game. Daisy and Simon were exiled. Simon won the duel, officially eliminating Daisy.
  10. ^ Daisy played a hidden immunity idol, therefore one vote against her was negated.
  11. ^ Daisy played a hidden immunity idol, however there were no votes against her.
  12. ^ a b This contestant was only able to vote for one other contestant, thus they were not eligible to vote.
  13. ^ Luke played a "Send Away" Power on Baden - this sent Baden away from Tribal Council, so he did not participate in the vote but could not be voted against at this Tribal Council.
  14. ^ a b Abbey and John were not eligible to vote in the revote.



Ratings data is from OzTAM and represents the viewership from the 5 largest Australian metropolitan centres (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide).

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24[a] 17 September 2019 Tuesday 7:30pm 923,000 5 45,000 7 968,000 4 [51][52]
1,040,000 3 52,000 5 1,079,000 1


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