Australian Yorkshire

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Australian Yorkshire
Conservation status Least Concern
Country of origin Australia
Derives from Large White pig
  • Pig
  • Sus scrofa domesticus

The Australian Yorkshire is a breed of domestic pig from Australia that was originally a part of the Yorkshire breed of pigs from Yorkshire, England. It is the most "dominant breed [of pig] in Australia".


The breed is marketed globally, with special modifications being made for the Asian market. In Singapore, a branch of the major Australian Yorkshire supplier named Australian Pork Limited was opened to cater to consumers in the country. The pigs sold in Singapore were fed barley grains and soy beans, rather than whey powder, as the latter "gives the meat a milky taste that Singaporeans don't take well to".[1]


In 2001, a study was conducted at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of South Vietnam in Bihn Thang that compared the Australian Yorkshire and the Duroc to common Vietnamese pigs. It concluded that the pigs breeds of Australian manufacture had "significant advantage over Vietnamese breeds in growth, efficiency and carcass lean and in littering performance".[2]


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