Autostrada RA15 (Italy)

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Autostrada Connection 15 shield}}
Autostrada Connection 15
Raccordo autostradale 15
Catania By Pass
The motorway RA15 and the connecting motorways
Route information
Maintained by ANAS
Length24 km (15 mi)
Existed28 May 1985–present
Major junctions
Beltway around Catania
Highway system
  • Roads in Italy

The motorway RA15, also known as Tangenziale di Catania or Catania's By Pass (West), is a motorway to contour Catania in Sicily, running from north to south, west of the city. It is 23.3 km long and it is managed by ANAS. It is also part of the European route E45. It was opened on 28 May 1985 and was called T09 until the 1990s.

By Pass (West)[edit]

The RA15 is connected to the A18 to Messina, the A19 to Palermo and to all of the major national roads of Eastern Sicily. Since 2009 it is also linked to the A CT-SR to Syracuse.


RA15 Catania's By Pass
Type Type ↓km↓ ↑km↑ Province European
AB-Kreuz-grün.svg Tabliczka E45.svg A18 to Messina
Tabliczka E45.svg A18 Catania Nord
0,0 0,0 CT Tabliczka E45.svg
AB-AS-grün.svg Gravina 2,8 20,5
AB-AS-grün.svg Catania - San Giovanni Galermo 4,5 18,8
AB-AS-grün.svg Catania Ovest - Misterbianco 9,6 13,7
AB-AS-grün.svg Catania San Giorgio 12,4 10,9
AB-Tank.svg Service station "San Giorgio" 13,4 9,9
AB-Kreuz-grün.svg Tabliczka E932.svg Autostrada A19 Italia.svg to Palermo
Asse attrezzato
14,9 8,4
AB-AS-grün.svg Catania Sud - RWBA Flughafen(R).svg Catania Airport
Asse dei servizi
16,1 7,2
AB-AS-grün.svg Zona industriale I (Nord)
Asse di spina Est-Ovest
17,1 6,2
AB-AS-grün.svg Tabliczka E45.svg Italian traffic signs - Autostrada CT-SR.svg to Syracuse 19,9 3,5
AB-AS-grün.svg Zona industriale II (Sud) 20,7 2,6
AB-ende-grün.svg Strada Statale 114 Italia.svg Orientale Sicula 23,3 0,0

By Pass (East)[edit]

The initial project had on the plans a second service road going through the city called By Pass East (today's A18dir) but due to the highly urbanized situation of Catania the project has never been completed leaving the road to terminate in the northern part of the city.
In the southern part of Catania, in July 2010 was completed another 5,0 km of service road called "Asse attrezzato", part of the initial project of the 1970s. This service road connects the motorway A19 to Palermo and the RA 15 to the southern part of the city. This second stretch of service road is not classified as motorway.

A18dir Diramazione Catania nord[edit]

A18 dir Catania nord
.. Exit ↓km↓ ↑km↑ Province European
AB-Kreuz-grün.svg A18 Messina A18 Messina
Italian traffic signs - raccordo autostradale 15.svg RA15 By Pass (West)
0,0 4,5 CT Tabliczka E45.svg
AB-AS-grün.svg Sinnbild Innerorts.svg San Gregorio 0,5 4,1 CT
AB-AS-grün.svg Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Canalicchio 2,6 1,4 CT
AB-ende-grün.svg Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Catania Centro 4,5 0,0 CT

Asse attrezzato[edit]

Asse attrezzato
.. Exit ↓km↓ ↑km↑ Province European
AB-Vzw.svg Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Catania - Corso Indipendenza 0,0 5,0 CT
AB-AS.svg Sinnbild Innerorts.svg San Giorgio 1,3 3,7 CT
AB-AS.svg Sinnbild Innerorts.svg Librino 2,5 2,5 CT
AB-AS.svg RWB-RWBA-Symbol Industriegebiet, Gewerbegebiet.svg Zona industriale 4,0 1,0 CT
Italian traffic signs - autostrada.svg Autostrada A19 Italia.svg A19 Palermo 5,0 0,0 CT Tabliczka E932.svg

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