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European route E45

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E45 shield
Major junctions
North endAlta, Norway
South endGela, Italy
Countries Norway
Highway system
E45 between Sorsele and Slagnäs in Lappland, Sweden. The speed limit here has been reduced to 100 km/h (62 mph)[1] from 110 km/h (68 mph) since this picture was taken.
Northernmost exit on the Danish part of E45; just south of Frederikshavn
European route 45 near Cassino, Italy.

European route E45 connects Norway and Italy, through Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Austria. With a length of about 5,190 kilometres (3,225 mi), it is the longest north–south European route (some east–west routes are longer).

The route passes through Alta (Norway) – KautokeinoHetta (Finland) – PalojoensuuKaaresuvantoGällivare (Sweden) – PorjusJokkmokkArvidsjaurÖstersundMoraSäffleÅmålBrålandaGothenburg ... Frederikshavn (Denmark) – AalborgRandersAarhusSkanderborgVejleKoldingFrøslevFlensburg (Germany) – HamburgHanoverHildesheimGöttingenKasselFuldaWürzburgNurembergMunichRosenheimWörgl (Austria) – InnsbruckBrennerFortezza (Italy) – BolzanoTrentoVeronaModenaBolognaCesenaPerugiaFiano RomanoNaplesSalernoSicignanoCosenzaVilla San Giovanni ... MessinaCataniaSiracusaGela.[2]

Norway and Finland[edit]

E45 is 172 km long in Norway and 101 km long in Finland. It has no other number in Norway, but follows routes 21 and 93 in Finland.

The E45 was not signposted in Finland after the 2006 extension,[3] since the official document[2] uses the Swedish version ("Karesuando") of the name of the village at the Finnish–Swedish border, hinting that it would start on the Swedish side. The Swedish government proposed the extension alone in 2005 and let the E45 end at the border, partly because of lack of interest from Finnish authorities. The gap between the end of E45 and the European route E8 was about 1 km along the existing Finnish regional road 959 Karesuvanto (FIN) – Karesuando (SWE)

In August 2016, after a political proposal in 2007, the governments of Norway and Finland applied for an extension of E45 KaresuandoKaaresuvantoPalojoensuuHettaKautokeinoAlta.[4] This was approved by the work group, and became valid on 5 December 2017.[5] E45 sign posts were mounted starting 9 February 2018,[6] replacing route 93 in Norway, and complementing road 959, 21 and 93 in Finland.


In November 2006, the E45 was extended with the then existing Swedish national road 45, which makes it start from Karesuando at the Swedish–Finnish border (near the E8), over ÖstersundMoraGrums, to Gothenburg and on. This extended the length of the route by about 1,690 km (1,050 mi). The signs of road 45 was changed to E45 during the summer of 2007. The E45 has now no other national number. In Sweden the road is called Inlandsvägen.

The E45 in Sweden is mostly a standard road. Between Karesuando and Torsby (1370 km) the road is usually 6–8 meters wide, and goes mostly through sparsely populated forests, with occasional villages and only two cities above 10,000 people, Östersund and Mora. The E45 is a motorway for 6 km together with the E18 south of Grums. Between Säffle and Trollhättan several parts of it is 2+1 road with a middle barrier, in total around 40 km. Between Trollhättan and Surte there is a 52 km long motorway, finished in 2012. Between Surte and Gothenburg there is a 17 km road designed equivalently to a motorway. The exception is that there are two gaps in the Trollhättan–Surte motorway and there are two traffic lights along the Surte–Gothenburg road. The speed limit is usually 100 km/h north of Mora and usually 90 km/h south thereof. There are 27 road crossings or intersections where the Swedish E45 does not follow the straight direction. There are 26 level crossings with railways. There are 19 motorway exits and 29 other motorway-like exits.

The ferry between Gothenburg and Frederikshavn runs about six times a day and takes 3½ hours.


In Denmark the E45 is a motorway (speed limit 110 to 130 km/h or 70 to 80 mph) from the south of Frederikshavn along the east coast of Jutland to the Denmark–Germany border. The E45 has no other national number. It connects to the E39 and E20 motorways.

E3 in Denmark, before 1992: Changed to E45; the number E3 was re-attributed.

In 1992 it was renamed from E3 (which before 1985 ended in Lisbon, Portugal) and until 2006, with the extension in Sweden, the northern endpoint was Frederikshavn.

The total length in Denmark is 357 km.

Exits in Denmark[edit]

Name/Location # Destinations Notes
Sæby N 12 Sekundærrute 180 Sæby, Vangen
Rest area Øksenhede
Sæby S 13 Sekundærrute 180 Sekundærrute 541 Sæby, Syvsten, to Sekundærrute 553
Flauenskjold 14 Sekundærrute 589 Flauenskjold, Dybvad, Voerså
Jyske Ås 15 Klokkerholm
Hjallerup N 16 Sekundærrute 559 Hjallerup, Asaa, Dronninglund, to Sekundærrute 180
Rest area Hjallerup Enge Gas station on the east-side
Lyngdrup 17 Sekundærrute 180 Hjallerup, Grindsted
Vodskov N 18 Vodskov, Langholt, to Sekundærrute 180
Vodskov 19 Vodskov, Hals
Bouet 20 Nørresundby, to E39 Primærrute 11 Primærrute 55 Sekundærrute 180
Vendsyssel E39 Primærrute 11 Brønderslev, Hjørring, Hirtshals, Thisted, to Primærrute 55 Sekundærrute 180 Northbound exit, southbound entrance
Nørresundby N 21 Nørresundby, Lindholm Aalborg Airport, to Sekundærrute 180
Nørresundby C 22 Sekundærrute 180 Nørresundby Northbound exit, southbound entrance
Limfjordstunnelen 582 metres (1,909 ft) length. Max height 4,3m
Aalborg N 23 Aalborg, Rørdal Southbound exit, northbound entrance
Ø. Uttrup Vej 24 Aalborg, Rørdal
Humlebakken 25 Vejgaard, Aalborg Ø Southbound exit, northbound entrance
Th. Sauers Vej 26 Sekundærrute 507 Sekundærrute 595 Aalborg
Aalborg C 27 Aalborg Northbound exit, southbound entrance
Aalborg S 28 Sekundærrute 187 Aalborg, Skalborg
Rest area Dall/Limfjorden Restaurant on the west-side
Svenstrup 29 Sekundærrute 180 Svenstrup, Ellidshøj
Støvring N 30 Støvring
Støvring S 31 Sekundærrute 519 Støvring, Sørup
Service area Himmerland
Sønderup 32 Primærrute 13 Viborg, Aars Southbound exit, northbound entrance
Haverslev 33 Sekundærrute 535 Haverslev, Arden
Rest area Senhøj
Hobro N 34 Primærrute 29 Sekundærrute 541 Hobro
Hobro V 35 Sekundærrute 579 Hobro
Onsild 36 Sekundærrute 517 Sekundærrute 555 Onsild, Viborg, Mariager
Handest 37 Sekundærrute 180 Handest, Hobro
Rest area Glenshøj
Purhus 38 Purhus, Fårup
Randers N 39 Sekundærrute 180 Sekundærrute 507 Randers, Hadsund
Randers C 40 Primærrute 16 Randers, Viborg
Rest area Gudenå
Randers S 42 Primærrute 46 Randers
Sønder Borup 43 Primærrute 16 Primærrute 21 Sekundærrute 180 Sekundærrute 511 Grenaa, Ebeltoft, Sønder Borup, Hadsten, Sjællands Odde
Hadsten 44 Sekundærrute 587 Hadsten, Ebeltoft, Grenaa Aarhus Airport
Århus Nord Primærrute 15 Århus N, Grenaa, Ebeltoft, Skejby, Sjællands Odde
Århus N 46 Sekundærrute 505 Hinnerup, Lisbjerg
Tilst 47 Primærrute 26 Tilst, Viborg
Tilst Primærrute 26 Viborg (planned)
Rest area Pedersminde/Blankhøj
Århus Vest Primærrute 15 Århus, Silkeborg, Herning
Århus S 49 Århus, Hasselager Sjællands Odde Southbound exit, northbound entrance
Hørning 50 Hørning, Hasselager Southbound exit, northbound entrance
Århus Syd Sekundærrute 501 Hasselager, Hørning, Viby J, Sjællands Odde Northbound exit, southbound entrance
Skanderborg N 51 Sekundærrute 511 Skanderborg, Stilling
Rest area Fuglsang
Skanderborg V 52 Sekundærrute 511 Skanderborg, Ry, Odder
Skanderborg S 53 Sekundærrute 409 Skanderborg, Østbirk, Nørre Snede Southbound exit, northbound entrance
Ejer Bavnehøj 54 Ejer Bavnehøj
Horsens N 55 Sekundærrute 461 Horsens, Østbirk
Horsens V 56 Primærrute 52 Horsens, Juelsminde, Silkeborg
Horsens C 56b Horsens, Hatting
Horsens S 57 Primærrute 30 Sekundærrute 451 Horsens, Odder, Billund Billund Airport
Rest area Merring/Nørremark
Hedensted 58 Hedensted, Løsning
Hornstrup 59 Primærrute 23 Hornstrup, Vejle N
Vejle Primærrute 18 Primærrute 13 Herning, Viborg
Vejle N 60 Sekundærrute 170 Vejle, Juelsminde
Vejle C 61a Primærrute 28 Vejle, Fredericia, Billund
Vejle S 61b
Service area Skærup
Skærup E20 Odense Southbound exit, northbound entrance
Kolding E20 Odense Northbound exit, southbound entrance. Concurrency with E20 begins
Kolding Ø 62 Sekundærrute 170 Sekundærrute 176 Kolding, Billund Billund Airport
Bramdrupdam 63 Bramdrupdam
Kolding Vest 64 E20 Kolding, Varde, Esbjerg Concurrency with E20 ends
Rest area Hylkedal
Kolding S 65a Primærrute 25 Kolding, Vamdrup, Tønder
Vonsild 65b Vonsild
Christiansfeld 66 Christiansfeld
Haderslev N 67 Haderslev
Vojens 68 Primærrute 47 Vojens, Ribe, Haderslev Vojens Airport
Service area Ustrup
Haderslev S 69 Sekundærrute 435 Haderslev, Tønder
Rest area Øster Løgum
Aabenraa N 70 Primærrute 24 Aabenraa, Rødekro, Ribe
Rest area Årslev Restaurant on east-side
Aabenraa 71 Primærrute 41 Aabenraa Southbound exit, northbound entrance
Aabenraa S 72 Primærrute 42 Aabenraa, Tinglev
Kliplev Primærrute 8 Sønderborg, Fynshav
Kliplev 73 Primærrute 8 Sekundærrute 481 Kliplev, Tønder, Gråsten, Tinglev, Ribe
Rest area Oksekær
Kruså 74 Kruså, Flensburg Southbound exit, northbound entrance
Bov 75 Sekundærrute 401 Bov, Tønder, Padborg, Kruså, Egernsund
Padborg 76 Padborg, Frøslev Southbound exit, northbound entrance
Service area Frøslev
Padborg 76 Padborg, Frøslev Northbound exit, southbound entrance


The E45 follows:

The length in Germany is 1022 km.

Between Nuremberg and Verona, Italy the E45 corresponds with the route of the old imperial road, the Via Imperii, though the Autobahns are newer roads.


The E45 follows:

The length in Austria is 109 km.


Owing to the greater recognition of motorways and nationally or locally numbered major roads in Italy, in colloquial usage "E45" often refers to the Cesena-Orte segment,[7] possibly further expanded to include the Ravenna-Cesena section of the SS3bis (formally part of the E55, and forming together the Strada di Grande Comunicazione Ravenna-Orte) and/or the Orte-Rome segment.


Finland–Norway border station
Finland–Sweden border crossing point, Kaaresuvanto/Karesuando
European route 45 near Lauria, Italy


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