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Avanzada Regia was a musical movement in the mid-1990s from Monterrey.[not verified in body]


In 1995, the group Zurdok Movimiento won the Battle of the Bands at the Rockotitlan music festival, becoming the first band not from Mexico City to win it,[1] thus creating such expectations towards the city that the record labels began to move there to search for groups. La Ultima de Lucas, made up of young people all under twenty years old, but which had talented musicians in its lineup, was the first band from Monterrey to sign a record contract.[citation needed]

The Latin American phenomenon of Control Machete was followed by, by way of a domino effect, more bands. Zurdok Movimiento (who started it all) were finally signed by Discos Manicomio,[2] an imprint of PolyGram, as well as the rapcore group called La Flor de Lingo.[3]

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