Ayopaya Province

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Location within the Cochabamba Department

Ayopaya is a province in the Cochabamba Department, Bolivia. Its capital is Ayopaya (or Independencia).


Some of the highest mountains of the province are listed below:[1][2][3]


Ayopaya Province is divided into three municipalities which are further subdivided into cantons.

Section Municipality Seat
1st Ayopaya Municipality Ayopaya
2nd Morochata Municipality Morochata
3rd Cocapata Municipality Cocapata

Cocapata Municipality (formerly Cocapata Canton) was created on February 6, 2009. Its mother municipality is Morochata.[4][5]

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Coordinates: 16°45′S 66°55′W / 16.750°S 66.917°W / -16.750; -66.917