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Naamloze vennootschap / Société anonyme
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1999
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Services Mobile and fixed-line telephony
Revenue €610.000.000 (2014)[1]
Number of employees
Parent Telenet

BASE is the third largest of Belgium's three mobile telecommunications operators. It is a subsidiary of Telenet. It competes with Proximus and Orange Belgium. It was previously owned by KPN and sold to Telenet in 2015.


Since October 2009 it has also been the name for its fixed line and broadband ADSL operations, formerly marketed under brand name Tele2.

BASE Company was founded as Belgium's third major mobile network operator in 1999 under the brand name of KPN Orange. It was a joint venture between the Dutch KPN Mobile and the then British Orange telcos. After the acquisition of Orange by France Télécom, its shares were sold to KPN Mobile. After a few years, the brand name was changed from Orange to BASE. BASE has an estimated 98% coverage of the country and 26% market share in mobile communications.

The fixed line and broadband operations were started in 2007 after the acquisition of Tele2 Belgium. In the beginning of 2010, BASE Company launched its 3G network HSDPA, a few years after having deployed a strong and spread 2G EDGE network all over Belgium.

In April 2015, news got out that Base is being bought by Telenet for 1,325 billion euros, which will give Telenet access to a mobile network.[2]


BASE is a brand of BASE Company, it was formerly known as KPN Group Belgium. BASE Company claims to be "the fastest growing mobile operator in Belgium" with about 22% market share. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of KPN Mobile, a subsidiary itself of KPN, 98%, and NTT DoCoMo, 2%.

The BASE Company network is also used by a number of mobile virtual network operators: Simyo (KPN), Tele2 Smart (Tele2), Aldi Talk (Medion Mobile), 1 Mobile (Carrefour & Effortel), Ortel Mobile (KPN), AY Yildiz, JIM Mobile (VMM), Mondial Telecom, Ello Mobile, Caleo Mobile, DixiTel, Ilyacom, Inphony Mobile, Türk Telekom mobile, Mobile Vikings, Ergatel.

Technical information[edit]

The operator's display logo is BASE, the net code is 206 20 and operates under 900/1800 MHz GSM, 900/2100 MHz UMTS, 800/1800/2600 MHz LTE.[3]


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