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Foundation January 5, 2004
Operator Budapest Stock Exchange
Exchanges Budapest Stock Exchange
Constituents up to 25
Type Mid- and SmallCap
Weighting method Free-float capitalization-weighted
Related indices BUX
Website BUMIX homepage

The BUMIX is a stock market index composed of 25 small and medium-sized companies listed on Budapest Stock Exchange. BUMIX operates, (similarly to BUX), as a total return index, i.e. the dividend payout also plays a role in its performance evaluation. Only those series of shares can be admitted to the BUMIX basket where the market capitalisation adjusted for free float does not exceed HUF 125 billion. The calculation method, the review and the handling of corporate actions is the same to the process applied in the case of the BUX index.

The index is based on prices generated in the electronic trading system Xetra.


The current components and weightings of the index: BUMIX Composition

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