Back Sides

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Back Sides
Lazlo Bane - Back Sides.jpg
Studio album by Lazlo Bane
Released April 11, 2006
Genre Alternative rock, Indie
Length 35:14
Label Lookout Sound
Producer Lazlo Bane
Lazlo Bane chronology
All the Time in the World
Back Sides
Guilty Pleasures

Back Sides is a third studio album by American alternative rock band Lazlo Bane and their first digital only release.


Back Sides consists of tracks that were written by the band during their work on the previous album, All the Time in the World, but for any reasons didn't make into the final cut.[1]

The album follows the music style of All the Time in the World, however being more guitar-based and rock-driven it is also similar to the band's debut album 11 Transistor.

For the song "Peace Is Our Profession" a music video was shot. It is made in honour of Stanley Kubrick's film Dr. Strangelove.[2]

Cover artwork[edit]

The cover of the album repeats the cover of All the Time in the World, showing the same TV, but now from the back and on the dark background, and highlighting the relation of the albums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "This Ain't No Techno" - 1:57
  2. "Phoebe" - 2:33
  3. "All She Needs To Know" - 3:58
  4. "Come Back" - 3:50
  5. "Odyssey" - 2:58
  6. "Don't Give Up" - 3:19
  7. "Apology" - 4:24
  8. "Looking Up" - 3:47
  9. "Unbelievable" - 3:35
  10. "Peace Is Our Profession" - 4:53