All the Time in the World (Lazlo Bane album)

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All the Time in the World
Lazlo Bane - All The Time In The World.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 27, 2002
StudioLookout Sound, LA, CA
GenreAlternative rock, power pop, indie rock
Length45:27 (CD)
43:34 (Digital)
44:01 (LP)
Lookout Sound
ProducerChad Fischer
Lazlo Bane chronology
11 Transistor
All the Time in the World
Back Sides

All the Time in the World is the second studio album by the band Lazlo Bane. It was self-released through CD Baby[1] more than five years after their debut album, 11 Transistor.


Unlike 11 Transistor with its guitar-heavy stylings, the songs on All the Time in the World expand the variety of instruments and feature piano, saxophone and strings.[2] While working on the album the band wrote a large number of new songs, much more than were released. Some of them were included on the band's next release, Back Sides.[3]

Release and Promotion[edit]

A promo version of the album was released in 2000. There are a few differences between it and the official CD release in 2002. Promo edition featured the song "I'll Be Happy" [4] as track 11, which was replaced with "Breathe Me In" on the 2002 CD release. Another difference was that the hidden track came as a separate track after a track of silence, similar to what was done on the band's previous album 11 Transistor.

The 2002 digital edition of the album omits the hidden track after the song "Crooked Smile" and includes "I'll Be Happy" as the eleventh track while it is incorrectly titled as "Breathe Me In".[5][3][6] It can be heard through the preview and judged by the length of the track - for "I'll Be Happy" it is 4:16.

In 2018 the album was remastered and reissued on vinyl by German label Lonestar Records. The release was made on electric blue vinyl limited to 500 copies.[7] The vinyl edition included "Breath Me In" as track 11, but omitted a hidden track at the end of the album.

Uses in other media[edit]

The song "Superman" was released on the soundtrack for the film The Tao of Steve[8][9] and was later used as the theme song for the television series Scrubs, also appearing on the soundtrack.

The title track was featured in 2002 film The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest.[10]

The song "Hold Me" was featured in 2005 film Her Minor Thing.[11]


Gene Triplett of the NewsOK called the album "fun-loving package, all richly-layered with voices, strings, piano and guitar", noting the title track, "Trampoline", "Scene of the Crime" and "Breathe Me In", comparing the last two with "Hotel California"-era Eagles.[2]

All the Time in the World was ranked #1 at the 2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards in the category College Rock Album,[12] with "Superman" and the title track being ranked #2 and #6 in the category College Rock Song respectively.[13]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written whole or in part by Chad Fischer, Chris Link, Tim Bright and Robert Burke, except "Carbon Copy" by Chad Fischer and Kevin Hunter[14]

  1. "All the Time in the World" - 3:16
  2. "Trampoline" - 3:05
  3. "Superman" - 3:43
  4. "Ship On the Wall" - 3:44
  5. "Gold Miner Dream" - 4:10
  6. "Carbon Copy" - 2:53
  7. "Hold Me" - 2:51
  8. "Out of Steam" - 5:03
  9. "Are You Talking to Me?" - 2:02
  10. "Scene of the Crime" - 4:06
  11. "Breathe Me In" - 4:43
  12. "Crooked Smile" - 4:25*
    • CD edition of the album contains an untitled hidden track which starts at 4:31, making total length of track 12 as 5:51.
Alternative track on the digital edition
11."I'll Be Happy"4:16


Lazlo Bane
Additional personnel


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