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A View of Bajung
Village development committee
A view of Bajung from Bajung Kot
A view of Bajung from Bajung Kot
Bajung is located in Nepal
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 28°17′N 83°43′E / 28.28°N 83.71°E / 28.28; 83.71Coordinates: 28°17′N 83°43′E / 28.28°N 83.71°E / 28.28; 83.71
Country    Nepal
Zone Dhawalagiri Zone
District Parbat District
Population (2011)
 • Total 4,228 (Male-1,806 & Female-2,422)
Time zone Nepal Time (UTC+5:45)
Area code(s) 067

Bajung is a village development committee in Parbat District in the Dhawalagiri Zone of Western Development Region, Nepal.It is surrounded by Deupurkot in the north-east, Tilahar in south-east, Durlung in South-west and Kyang in North-west. It is popularly said to be extended from the top of Maidan, a hill-top with historical identity to the basin of Modi River. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 4228 people living in 1,076 individual households.

Like all VDCs of Nepal, it comprises nine wards:

  • Ward 1: Patichaur (पातीचौर),
  • Ward 2: Bause (बाऊसे),
  • Ward 3: Sanopakha (सानोपाखा),
  • Ward 4: Shivalaya (शिवालय),
  • Ward 5: Bhaththar (भत्थर),
  • Ward 6: Bardeghar (बर्देघर),
  • Ward 7: Falhalne (फलहाल्ने),
  • Ward 8: Laampaat (लाम्पट),
  • Ward 9: Kalimati (कालीमाटी)[1][2]


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