Ball of Destruction

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Ball of Destruction
Ball of Destruction.jpg
EP by Madball
Released 1989
1996 (Re-issue)
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 31:17 (Re-issue)
Label Relativity Records
Century Media (Re-issue)
Madball chronology
Ball of Destruction
Droppin' Many Suckers

Ball of Destruction is the first EP by the New York band Madball. It was their first demo, released in 1989. It was reissued in 1996 by Century Media Records with additional tracks (tracks 9 - 23).

This album was recorded with Agnostic Front's vocalist Roger Miret on bass, Vinnie Stigma on guitar, Will Shepler on drums and Freddy Cricien on vocals.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Smell the Bacon/What's with You"   0:35
2. "Discriminate Me" (Agnostic Front Cover) 0:38
3. "We Should Care"   1:06
4. "Colossal Man" (The Psychos Cover) 0:47
5. "Get Out"   0:48
6. "Last Warning" (Agnostic Front Cover) 0:42
7. "Fight" (Agnostic Front Cover) 0:14
8. "It's My Life" (The Animals Cover) 0:59

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