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IBM WebSphere Multichannel Bank Transformation Toolkit(BTT) is one of the software products in IBM Websphere family.


This software used to be called WSBCC-WebSphere Business Components Composer. Now it has changed its name to BTT (IBM Bank Transformation Toolkit), which emphasis its features and purpose.

IBM Bank Transformation Toolkit Software[edit]


IBM WebSphere Multichannel Bank Transformation Toolkit helps modernize banking front office applications.[1] It is a component of IBM WebSphere Software that provides multichannel transformation. It is a pragmatic infrastructure designed and built so that existing mission-critical systems can evolve rather than be replaced.

Multi-channel feature[edit]

Channel applications are very important to banks. Bank channel applications enable nearly all the customer interactions. BTT provides a common framework for building integrated and consistent channel applications in multiple channels. Channel applications are built on a common framework, leveraging new capabilities across all channels: Home Banking, Teller, ATM, Contact Center, and Mobile Banking.

Web2.0 On-Demand Workplace[edit]

The BTT Web2.0 client is used for the home banking application which is built to use the Bank Transformation Toolkit or the web based teller application. Only the web browser is required to run the application on the client machine. The Client Side contains a full set of Personalized Internet Banking Package, which is based on HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and CSS, which illustrates fancy User Experience, Personalized Layout, User Contribution and multiple Widget Container Templates (such as iWidget, Google Gadget and Web1.0 Compatible Widget and so on). On the Server Side, BTT Web2.0 Channel is used to process the XML request from the client and JSON based request data.

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