Barbados Defence Force

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For the football team, see Barbados Defence Force SC.
Barbados Defence Force
Flag of the Barbados Defence Force.svg
Founded 1979
Commander-in-Chief Queen Elizabeth II
Military age 16 years of age for selection process, 17 years of age is actual serving age
Percent of GDP % (2007)

The Barbados Defence Force (BDF) is the name given to the combined armed forces of Barbados. The BDF was established August 15, 1979, and has responsibility for the territorial defence and internal security of the island. The headquarters for the Barbados Defence Force is located at St. Ann's Fort base at The Garrison, Saint Michael.

The Barbados Defence Force is commanded by the Chief Of Staff: Colonel Glyne Grannum.

  • The Force Headquarters —The Headquarters, St. Anns Fort provides administrative and logistical support for the entire Defence force.

There are three main components of the BDF:

This is the main land force component, and encompasses both regular and reserve units.

This is the maritime element, with responsibility for patrolling Barbados' territorial waters as well as drug interdiction and humanitarian and life-saving exercises. It too encompasses both regular and reserve units.

The Barbados Defence Force Band is directed by Captain Taylor and is made up of members of The Barbados Regiment and Coast Guard and is also an element of the reserve units.

  • Barbados Cadet Corps — This branch is commanded by the Commanding Officer Of The Barbados Cadet Corps Lieutenant Colonel Errol Brathwaite.

This is the Military youth organisation of The Defence Force. Includes Infantry and Sea Cadets. This organisation was started in 1904. The first females joined the cadet corps in the 1970s to 1980s. The Cadet Corps has a pledge and also a song. It started with 3 normal units but today has expanded to 22. These units are grouped into Zones. There are also a band, sea cadet and medical units along with a shooting programme.

  • In 1981 a Cessna 402C entered service as part of the air wing.

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