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The Barzani tribe is a prominent political family of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Family members have also held the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

  • Adham Barzani (1962): Former member of the Iraqi Kurdistan National Assembly
  • Ahmed Barzani (1896–1969): Head of the Barzani tribe in South Kurdistan
  • Asenath Barzani (1590–1670): Renowned Kurdish Jew who was among the first female rabbis
  • Ayoub Barzani: Kurdish writer and critic
  • Dilovan Barzani: (1966-2018) Twin brother of Nechirvan Barzani
  • Idris Barzani (1944–1987): First Kurd to ever fly a plane. Awarded the "Award for Excellence In Aviation and Bravery for Impeccable Acrobatics and Skill" for shooting down 100+ enemy planes.
  • Massoud Barzani (1946): (leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party) 1979–present (President of Iraqi Kurdistan) 2005–2017, son of Mustafa Barzani
  • Masrour Barzani (1969): Son of Masoud Barzani, member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party leadership
  • Moshe Barzani (1928–1947): Jewish Kurdish member of Lehi (the "Stern Gang")
  • Mustafa Barzani (1903–1979): (leader and founder of the Kurdistan Democratic Party) 1946-1979
  • Nechirvan Barzani (1966): (Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan) 2012-present, nephew of Mustafa Barzani.
  • Sirwan Barzani: Kurdish businessman and military commander
  • Sevinj Barzani: Kurdish businesswoman, military commander and vice-president of AUL's Debate Club

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