Battle of Qurna (Iraq War)

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Battle of Qurna
Part of Iraq War
Date May 2005
Location Al-Qurna, Iraq
Result Allies victory
Denmark Denmark
Lithuania Lithuania
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Iraqi insurgency
Casualties and losses
None Unknown

Battle of Qurna was a battle during the Iraq War between the Multinational force in Iraq and Iraqi insurgents. The battle took part in Al-Qurna. In the battle, the insurgents tried to take the control of the city from the allies, mainly Danish, Lithuanian and British soldiers. The insurgents were later forced to retreat.


The main fighting element in the battle was the Lithuanian Mechanized Infantry Platoon. After the battle, the allies took control of Qurna. The Danish soldier, Sergeant Ole Gretlund was awarded The Defence Medal for saving the lives of the Lithuanian soldiers.