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GenresAlternative, Progressive, Folk, Rock, Pop
Associated actsPepsi Battle of the Bands Nescafe Basement
MembersAsfar Hussain - Vocals

Shahrukh Aslam – Guitars Muqeet Shahzad – Guitars Mansoor Lashari – Drums

Haider Abbas – Bass

Bayaan (Urdu: بیان) is a progressive/alternative rock band from Lahore, Pakistan. It is the winning band of Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3[1][2][3][4] in 2018. Appeared in Nescafe Basement, the band has performed throughout Pakistan before appearing in Pepsi Battle of the Bands. The 5-member band consists of Asfar Hussain[5] (vocalist), Haider Abbas (bassist), Shahrukh Aslam (guitarist), Muqeet Shahzad (guitarist), and Mansoor Lashari (drummer).[6] The band members Shahzad and Abbas knew each other for more than a decade and played together in the school band.[7] They moved to the underground music circuit and met Mansoor Lashari. In between, Lashari and Abbas became a part of Nescafe Basement where they performed with Hussain and Aslam. Thus, Bayaan[8][9] came into existence.[10]

Nescafe Basement[edit]

Bayaan[11] started its musical journey through a popular music show in Pakistan, Nescafe Basement.[12] With Nescafe Basement, Bayaan released a few singles[13] in Pakistan. Post Nescafe Basement, they came together to produce their own music.

Pepsi Battle of the Bands[edit]

Following the appearance in Nescafe Basement, Bayaan[14] came to Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3 and become the winners [15] with Xarb being the runners up.[16][17] Their album and music videos will be released soon as a part of the contract they won with the title. Bayaan[18] returned to season 4 to perform with Season 2 winners Kashmir - The Band[19].


Bayaan's song Nahi Milta[20] was featured in Yalghaar.[21]


Char Saal[edit]

  • Farda [22]
  • Nahi Milta
  • Din Dhalay
  • Hum Nadaan
  • Khel Tamasha


  • Bonded Labor

Pepsi Battle of the Bands[edit]

  • Dhaltay Rahay Feat. Kashmir
  • Bekhabar
  • Farda
  • Inteha-e-Shauq
  • Hum Nadaan
  • Tou Kya Hua
  • Raaz-e-Fitna
  • Baazaar
  • Paani Aur Mitti
  • Nahi Milta
  • Ye Watan[23]
  • Azaadi


  • Azhik
  • Bekhabar
  • Mera Musafir
  • Jaag
  • Tifl
  • Teri Tasveer
  • Daira
  • Paani Aur Mitti
  • Suno

Debut Music Album 'Suno'[edit]

Bayaan has announced the release of their debut album ‘Suno’ on the 2nd of Feb at the illustrious Lahore Music Meet festival. The album comprises 9 songs.Through this album they pay homage to the band's collective inspirations and influences while staying distinctly Bayaan. [24] [25][26][27][28] The album has been released and distributed by rearts. The music video for the song Bekhabar[29] was released earlier[30] but later the song was made a part of the album.


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