Be Positive

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Be Positive
Positive Physique poster.jpg
Official Poster
Also known asPositive Physique
Positive Constitution
GenreWeb series
Romantic comedy
Written byLee Byung-heon
Directed byLee Byung-heon
StarringDo Kyung-soo
Chae Seo-jin
Lee David
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes6
Producer(s)Choi Yoon-suk
Choo Hyun-sung
Running time10 mins
Production company(s)Samsung
Cheil Worldwide
Original networkNaver TV Cast
Original releaseOctober 31 –
November 5, 2016 (Naver)
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Be Positive (Korean긍정이 체질; RRgeungjeong-i chejil; lit. Positive Constitution) is a South Korean web series starring Do Kyung-soo, Chae Seo-jin and Lee David. The web drama is produced by Samsung, and intends to send a message of support to the younger generation. The drama was aired on October 31, 2016 at 17:00 (KST).[1][2][3][4][5][6] The web drama started airing on JTBC2 starting March 1, 2017.[7]


A story about Hwan-dong (Do Kyung-soo), a film major who is preparing for his graduation project as a movie director. His script wins a grand prize, but he faces difficulty after difficulty while trying to finalize the film. He asks his ex-girlfriend Hye-jung (Chae Seo-jin) to play the main role in his production. She is understandably surprised at his bold request but in any case, she agrees. He completes his production with success.


Main cast[edit]

A film major who aspires to be a film director.

Hwan-dong's ex-girlfriend and quite a successful actress once.

Hwan-dong's best friend and dreams to become a film producer.

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Kim Jong-soo as Professor Ma
  • Kim Eui-sung as Hwan-dong's father
  • Nam Gi-Ae as Hwan-dong's mother
  • Heo Joon-suk as Noh Seung-boo
  • Unknown as Kim Han-joo

Original soundtracks[edit]

1."The Common People"Song Yoo-bin3:23
2."Don't Let me Down"Ryu Ji-hyun4:07
Total length:7:30


It was reported that Be Positive became the second most watched web drama ever with 21.83 million views in just two weeks of its release, following Falling for Challenge (which was also produced by Samsung and starring D.O.'s bandmate, Xiumin), which has over 24 million views.[12][13] On November 22, it was announced that the web drama surpassed 30 million views, making it the fastest web drama to reach this number of views within 18 days from its release, making it the most watched web drama of all time.[14][15] As of December 30, 2016, the drama's views from Naver, Daum, Facebook and YouTube surpassed 50 million views. The web drama became the most watched in 2016 on Naver.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2017 12th Soompi Awards Best Web Series Be Positive Won


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