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Beaver Group
Industry Digital Signage, Web Design & Graphic Design
Founded 1978 & 1998
Headquarters Ware, United Kingdom
Products, Autograph, Global Media Manager

Beaver Group is an organization whose focus is the delivery of digital signage, content design and web technologies.

Beaver Group clients are spread across the UK and international markets, and include the GSK, SSP, Center Parcs, Whitbread, Bloomberg, Home Office, IKEA[1][2] and P&O Cruises.

In 2008 Beaver Group was awarded 'Digital Signage Project of the Year' by the AV Awards for the deployment of digital signage for the Showcase Cinemas de Lux brand in the UK and again in 2010 for a deployment at Burger King in the UK.[3] Twice a winner of the Daily DOOH Gala Awards, and the Marketing Week Engage Award.[4]


Graphic designer Alan Critchley worked as a freelance graphic designer for Nabisco (now Cereal Partners - Nestlé cereals) and Rank Xerox, at which time he met Dave Suter. In 1978 Alan and Dave partnered together to start Beaver Design, which was a graphic design company.

In 2001, Beaver Design came together with Managed Information Technologies Limited, run by directors Barry Thurston and Peter Critchley, to form the 'Beaver Group'. Beaver Group is a technology company which specialises in digital signage, design and web technologies, with a range of software solutions for the display of messages to customers. Beaver Group has continued to develop the digital signage industry since 1998, including serving as one of Scala’s premier integrators.[5] Beaver Group operates across various market sectors, including food retail, cinemas, retail and hospitality and corporate. The range of services offered includes consultancy, content design, application development, installation, project management and support. Beaver Group are also fully equipped to provide ongoing and fully managed servies.

In late 2008, Beaver Group partnered together with industry leaders in digital signage to create a specific company for digital menu boards - Signature Digital Menus Ltd.[6] Along with Sanyo, Scala, Vogels and Matrox, Signature was a company whose purpose was to provide elements for digital menu boards.[7] Signature Digital Menus offered consultancy services until 2016.

In 2014, Beaver Group developed a new approach to digital signage implementations, through it's software platform, Recognising the changing face of digital messaging and the need for contextual content, analytics and data driven content, Beaver Group has successfully deployed across mutliple clients, including IKEA and SSP.


Beaver Group services a wide range of core customers, across the market sectors they operate within.

  • GSK
  • IKEA
  • Whitbread (Premier Inn, Brewers Fayre, Hub, Costa Coffee)
  • Shake Shack
  • Showcase Cinemas
  • EAT
  • SSP
  • Center Parcs
  • Compass Group
  • Canary Wharf
  • Curzon Cinemas
  • POD
  • Merlin Entertainment
  • Pizza Express
  • Bella Italia
  • Bubbleology
  • P&O Cruises
  • Bupa
  • Bloomberg
  • PwC
  • DMGT
  • Home Office
  • Department for Transport
  • Virgin Trains


Beaver Group has developed a range of solutions to assist digital signage deployments: (2014 - )[edit][8] features a visually rich interface, designed to give you and your colleagues broad access to influence key elements of your operation across your screen network. Users can manage – in real-time – how to drive value for their business and their customers. Live screens, day-parts, pricing, schedules, campaigns, products, active/inactive stock management, nutrition/allergen information and detailed customised analytics give you immediate control of the operational areas you need to manage. Changes are quick, single-click and fully auditable.

Using contactless content management, staff are also able to easily and quickly drive contextual scenarios for content which are required at a local level, ensuring screens are always relevant. Changes related to queues, weather, product availability and wastage can also be managed.

Autograph (from 2007 - )[edit]

Autograph is a web-based tool for managing the content on a digital signage network. It has a front-end interface and communicates via open-APIs to the digital signage software, allowing users to change content without needing to understand a complete digital signage system. Its principle deployment is in the use of digital menu boards, where restaurant managers want to alter prices and add new items to their menus.[9]

Global Media Manager (2001 - 2010)[edit]

Global Media Manager (GMM) is a tool to allow live feeds to go directly into a digital signage network.[10] GMM has been used by companies such as the BBC and NEC, with the digital signage software Scala5 to show automatically updated information on the screens.[11]

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