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Beirut Art Center
Beirut Art Center - Logo.png
Beirut Art Center is located in Beirut
Beirut Art Center
Location within Beirut
Established 2009
Location Beirut, Lebanon
Coordinates 33°52′48″N 35°31′50″E / 33.879976°N 35.530477°E / 33.879976; 35.530477
Type Contemporary art
Installation art
Director Marie Muracciole
Website Official website

Beirut Art Center is a space for exhibiting contemporary art in Beirut, Lebanon


Beirut Art Center opened to public in January 2009. It is managed as a non-profit organization whose founders and executive board members are: Sandra Dagher, Lamia Joreige, Nathalie Khoury, Rabih Mroué and Maria Ousseimi[1] The project roots in the growing interest to local contemporary art. It was an initiative of Sandra Dagher, who previously curated a private art space, Espace SD, and Lamia Joreige, visual artist.[2] In 2007, Sandra Dagher curated with Saleh Barakat, owner of Agial Art Gallery in Beirut, the first Lebanese Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.[3]

In 2011, New York City's New Museum hosted “Museum as Hub: Beirut Art Center” a project that includes an exhibition, the presentation of Beirut Art Center’s Mediatheque, and a series of events.[4]

After co-founders Sandra Dagher and Lamia Joreige have been in charge of the BAC for five year, Marie Muracciole was appointed in February 2014 to take its direction.[5]


The BAC is in an industrial area on the banks of Beirut River. The building has been refurbished by architect Raed Abillama into a white box space.[6] The space occupies 2 floors on 1500 sq. m. Ground floor includes exhibition space, book store and auditorium. First floor includes cafe, space for BAC Design, mediatheque and administrative offices.





  • Exposure 2011
  • The Beirut Experience
  • Be...longing, Fouad Elkoury
  • Image in the Aftermath
  • Meeting Points 6. Locus Agonistes: Practices and Logics of the Civic
  • IMAGE WORKS. Harun Farocki
  • Drawing with the Things Themselves. Paola Yacoub



  • America
  • Earth of Endless Secrets. Writing for a Posterior Time. Akram Zaatari
  • Prisoner Of War. Bernard Khoury
  • The Road to Peace
  • 4
  • Exposure 2009
  • Closer

BAC Design[edit]

BAC Design is a program dedicated to local industrial and product design.


  • Fly Bird Fly by Dar Onboz


  • Biomechania by Ranya Sarakbi
  • Contemporary Perspectives in Middle Eastern Crafts. BAC design Exhibition by Carwan Gallery with Karen Chekerdjian, Khalid Shafar, Lindsey Adelman, Marc Baroud, Studio mischer'traxler, Nada Debs, Oeuffice, Paul Loebach, Philippe Malouin, Tamer Nakisci[11]
  • Street Art Bag by Sarah's Bag
  • Pathways by Nada Zeineh
  • Custom Miles by Azzi & Osta
  • All that is reminiscent of her name by Krikor Jabotian
  • The Creative Space


  • Beirut Rock Center. By Spockdesign - Karim Chaya
  • Beirutkon. Anastasia Nysten, Carlo Massoud, Joelle Achkar, Marc Dibeh
  • Seeds. A BAC design exhibition by Nathalie Khayat
  • STARCH your summer. An exhibition by STARCH designers 2008-2009-2010
  • The Order of Angels. by Hoda and Elias Baroudi
  • Who's living on the 13th floor?.An Exhibition of Ceramics by Mary-Lynn Massoud and Racha Nawam


  • Capturing Culture. by Rana Salam


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