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In 2005, the Belgian newspaper, Het Nieuwsblad conducted a vote to discover the greatest Belgian of all time, under the title Belg der Belgen. The series is based on BBC's 100 Greatest Britons. On 1 December 2005, Father Damien (Jozef de Veuster) was chosen as Greatest Belgian of all time.

The top ten[edit]

  1. Pater Damiaan (Catholic missionary)
  2. Eddy Merckx (cyclist)
  3. Paul Janssen (scientist)
  4. Peter Paul Rubens (painter)
  5. Jacques Brel (singer)
  6. Jan Decleir (actor)
  7. Ernest Claes (author)
  8. René Magritte (painter)
  9. Adolphe Sax (musical instrument designer)
  10. Victor Horta (architect)