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A restored section of city walls at Belgradkapı Gate, close to Marmara coast
Monument at Belgradkapı, Istanbul

Belgradkapı (Turkish for Belgrad Gate) is a quarter in Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul in Turkey. It is located to the two sides of the Belgrad Gate at the Walls of Istanbul in the European side of the city. The name of the quarter refers to the people from Belgrad who settled in the neighborhood during the reign of Ottoman sultan Suleyman I (i.e., 16th century). [1]

The main axis of this quarter is the avenue with the same name (Turkish: Belgradkapı Caddesi) that runs between Yedikule and Silivrikapı. Recently many ancient sarcophagi have been discovered in Belgradkapı in archeological excavations.[2]


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Coordinates: 41°00′00″N 28°55′11″E / 41.00000°N 28.91972°E / 41.00000; 28.91972