Belltable Arts Centre

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Belltable Arts Centre
The Coliseum, Redemptorist Confraternity Hall
Belletable Arts Centre, 69 O'Connell Street
Address 69, O'Connell Street
Owner Belltable Arts Centre Co. Ltd.
Type Theatre, Cinema, Visual Arts Gallery
Capacity 250
Current use Idle
Opened 1981
Closed January 2013
Years active 1981 - 2013
Architect Michael Gough

The Belltable Arts Centre is a multi-disciplinary arts venue located at 69 O'Connell Street, Limerick, Ireland. It was named after Henry Hubert Belltable, a Belgian army officer who founded the Holy Confraternity in Limerick. The facility, which opened in 1981, houses a 250-seat theatre/cinema; a 50-seat balcony studio (for occasional poetry and smaller performances); a visual arts gallery (hosting up to 12 exhibitions a year) and a basement restaurant.[1]

In February 2013 it was announced that the company behind the Belltable had gone into liquidation. The liquidation followed a major €1 million refurbishment of the centre. A budget overrun of €300,000 is believed to have been the cause of the company going into liquidation.[2] The centre, which had been temporarily closed since January 2013, is now closed as a result of this procedure.[3]


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