Patrick Street, Limerick

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Patrick Street, c.1880-1914

Patrick Street (Irish: Sráid Pádraig) is a street in central Limerick, Ireland. The street forms part of the main central thoroughfare of the city which incorporates Patrick Street, Rutland Street & O'Connell Street. The street is named after Patrick Arthur a member of the prominent Arthur family at the time. [1]

The street was renovated in the early 1990s during the construction of Arthur's Quay Shopping Centre which forms the west side of the street. The shopping centre is mainly inward facing, which does not add much to footfall on the street. The east side of the street was part of the ill-fated Opera Centre development which never passed the planning stage. As a result, most of this section of the street lies derelict with no business activity.

The world-famous Victorian-era soprano, Catherine Hayes, was born at 4 Patrick Street in 1818.


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