Beyond the Ultimate Adventure

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Beyond the Ultimate Adventure
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series 'Doctor Who'
Release no. 50
Featuring Crystal
Written by Terrance Dicks
Directed by Jason Haigh-Ellery
Production code BFPDWCC50
Release date December 2011

Beyond the Ultimate Adventure is a Big Finish Productions audiobook based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

The Companion Chronicles "talking books" are each narrated by one of the Doctor's companions and feature a second, guest-star voice along with music and sound effects.


"By a route obscure and lonely, Haunted by ill angels only, Where an Eidolon, named Night, On a black throne reigns upright, I have reached these lands but newly From an ultimate dim Thule – From a wild weird clime, that lieth, sublime, Out of Space – out of Time."

- Dream-Land by Edgar Allan Poe, 1844

The Sixth Doctor, Crystal and Jason are summoned back to Bar Galactica by Karl. He takes them on a quest for treasure and universal danger, into an obscure dimension, to the icy world of Ultima Thule.




  • Terrance Dicks wrote many stories for the first three decades of Doctor Who, as well as the stage play, The Ultimate Adventure. He also adapted it for audio in 2008. This is his first Companion Chronicles story.
  • The only other Companion Chronicles stories to feature one of the Doctors in the cast were Peri and the Piscon Paradox, also with Colin Baker, and Project: Nirvana, featuring Sylvester McCoy.

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