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Bhim Bahadur Tamang (Nepali:भीमबहादुर तामाङ) (1933 – December 1, 2012)[1] was a leader of Nepali Congress Party and former Minister of Law of Nepal. He had competed for the election of President of Nepali Congress Party along with Sher Bahadur Deuba and Sushil Koirala.[2] Bhim Bahadur Tamang, a central committee member of Nepali Congress and Ex-Minister has been honored in Ridgewood in a program. He has been honored in a program organized by Janasamparka Samiti New York in Ridgewood in September 28 in an evening. He was honored by garlanding and extending an appreciation letter.

Mr. Anand Bista, President of Janasamparka Samiti America has with honor, honored him with Appreciation Letter. Mr. Tamang is an honest leader in the Nepali Congress. Ms. Mridula Koirala, Nepali Congress Party Representative garland with Dosalla and Mr. Mohan Gyawali, President of Ridgewood Nepalese Society has given him a bunch of flower with due respect.

The honored personality Bhim Bahadur Tamang stressed to throw Self Interest to develop the society and if remain inside nothing going to be change. He said, in Nepal still congress are not completely united and the effect is still remaining in Janasamparka Samiti USA as well. He also stressed, due to these reasons Congress now faced loss in Constitutional Assembly Election. He also said, while you are in pain-no one comes to help but when you are in Power every one comes to take over the chair. He was aware about the support provided by American to support during critical situation and stressed we must eradicate this diseases.

During the speech, he said you all must do General Assembly and also said, he was not aware about Connecticut Assembly. He also told, New York has big community so you all gathered them and hold a General Assembly and promised to play role in the central committee. He also informed, he came to American Government’s Program and American Government has shown worries about the Nepali Situation and aware about the same too. He also said, American Government stressed for the peace in Nepal. He thanked the Organizing Committee, Janasamparka Samiti and requested all the Congress and Units to work together, and wished for general convention.

In the program, Mridula Koirala, Nepali Congress representative said she is in the favor of unity and should solve the problem and always trying for the same. Likewise, Mr. Angaraj Timalsinha stressed on the importance of the Program and told how Anand Bista lead the Movement in the International Community and played to bring attention to the international community about the Nepali Movement.

While delivering speech, Mr. Mohan Gyawali of Ridgewood Nepalese society said, in past while performing movement we used to seek people and stressed, we should leave personal self-interest than only we can honor Bhim Bahadur Tamang. He also stressed on the unity and should develop to work for the nation.

Mr. Anand Bista, President of Janasamparka Samiti America said, we do not have two organization but few groups self named are creating confusion. He also said, if party would not provide right than how could I went to campaign Constitutional Assembly. He also said, Party has always authorized only us. We will not step backward only making buzz. The convention held on November 28 and 29 is the authentic one and also appealed every one to unite for next convention. He said, it is our please to honor Bham Bahadur and feel proud to walk on his foot step and always committed to follow the same.

The program organized under the Chairmanship of Laxman Aryal, President of Janasamparka Samiti New York Chapter and the program was hosted by Mr. Bed Prasad Kharel, General Secretary of Janasamparka Samiti.

Mr. Nirupa Bista, Acting President of Nepal Student Union, Laxman Gyawali has addressed in the program. Mr. Krishna Bista, Central Committee member of Janasamparka samiti delivered the welcome speech. Mr. Ravi Kiran Koirala read the appreciation letter on the same.