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Bicikelj station

Bicikelj is a public bicycle rental program in the city of Ljubljana that was started in 2011. It is offered as public service by the City Municipality of Ljubljana and operated under concession by Europlakat. The system was provided by JCDecaux.[1]


The Bicikelj system consists of 300 bikes and 32 stations, 300 to 500 m away from each other. The stations are equipped with an automatic rental terminal for locking and unlocking approximately 20 bicycles each. The first 60 minutes of bike rental is free. After the first 60 minutes, the hourly rental rate for total hours beyond the first 60 minutes is debited from the user's bank account. However, bikes can be rented for free longer than one hour "serially" during a day if a minimum of five minutes has passed between the two free rides. The total number of free rides over the period of users' subscription is unlimited.

Short-term subscribers, such as tourists, pay only €1 for an on-line registration that is valid for one week. If the bike is not returned within 24 hours, the €350 deposit will be debited. Annual subscribers can rent the bikes over a one-year period for just €3 and are able to use the system with their Urbana public transit smart card and personal identification number.


Bikes were rented 1,717,389 times from the beginning of the program to 31 December 2013, and 99% of the system's users did not exceed the free initial hour. By mid-June 2016, that number had risen to 3,445,030 of whom 98% did not exceed one hour.[2] The average duration of a bike rental is 13 minutes. The highest number of rides per day recorded was on 3 October 2012: 4,547 rides by 4,113 different users.[3]

The service reported in 2014 that each of its 300 bicycles are borrowed on average six times a day and that 10 percent of the population are regular users.[4]


Over 16,200 users registered within two months after the system was introduced in 2011.[5]


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