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OwnerTel Aviv-Yafo Municipality
LocaleTel Aviv, Israel
Transit typeBicycle sharing system
Began operation2011

Tel-O-Fun (Hebrew: תל-אופן Tel-Ofan; Arabic: تال أوفين) is a bicycle sharing service which is provided to the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, by the private company FSM Ground Services Ltd. The service's main goal is to reduce motor vehicle traffic within the city. The project also aims to reduce air pollution, create a friendly atmosphere in the city, and encourage physical activity and fitness. The service name in English is a blend of the words "Tel Aviv" and the English word for pleasure "fun", in Hebrew the word "Ofan" (אופן) is wheel which is short for "Ofanayim" (אופניים) – Hebrew for Bicycle.


The service was launched on 28 April 2011 and provided over 250 bikes, available to any person over the age of 15, at 35 docking stations deployed around the city. As of May 2016, there are 200 active stations, providing more than 2,000 bicycles.

Starting August 2015 the service was extended to the neighboring towns – Ramat Gan and Givatayim, with 10 docking stations in each town.

The rental system was built in collaboration with the transport corporation Deutsche Bahn. A complex computer terminal is located in the docking stations. An associated command and control system manages the entire array. Side terminals are installed with cable stations magnetic pages connect bicycles. To prevent a shortage of availability of bikes at one station and another station load cycling, bicycle transportation crews regulate from station to station, according to a model developed at Tel Aviv University.

Access to the service was developed by Tel Aviv University. Daily, weekly and annual subscriptions are available. The daily and weekly subscriptions can be purchased at any bike station with a credit card (a card with a barcode is automatically issued by the automatic machine). An annual subscriptions can be purchased online on the Tel O Fun website or at the city hall building. A card with an electronic chip will be issued. A call center is available (*6070) on Weekdays 07:00–21:00, Fridays and eve of bank holidays 07:00–14:00. The call center will attend emergency calls 24/7.

The project is based on a deficit budget of the municipality and is not profitable.[citation needed] Their budget for the next ten years is about 130 million shekels (₪).[citation needed]


The updated rates for May 2016:


Subscription Price Comment
Daily subscriptions on weekdays ₪17
Daily subscriptions on weekends and bank holidays ₪23 from Friday/eve of holiday at 14:00 to Saturday/holiday evening at 19:00
Weekly subscriptions ₪70
Annual subscriptions ₪280
Annual subscriptions for residents of Tel Aviv ₪240 with a resident card or a 'Maximum Tel Aviv' credit card

For each rental:

Cumulative time Price
Up to 30 minutes Free
Up to 60 minutes ₪6
Up to 90 minutes ₪12
Up to 150 minutes ₪32
Up to 210 minutes ₪72
Up to 270 minutes ₪152
Each extra hour above 270 minutes, up to 24h ₪100
  • The time count will reset after returning the bike to a station for, at least, 10 minutes.
  • If less than 10 minutes pass between the time a bike is returned to the parking stations and bike re-rental by the same subscriber, the rental time will be calculated cumulatively.


Fine Rate
For a full 24h ₪1200
Each extra 24h (full or partial) ₪800
Maximum fine ₪4500


Tel-O-Fun bikes are equipped with locks and sling backs, and they contain electronic components that allow for their identification by bike stations, track ride, bike mode (lighting, brakes, dynamo), and collecting statistical data on bicycle use. The bicycles are manufactured by the company Panther (Panther Werke) in Germany, and have three gears. They're adapted for women and men alike.

Bike parts are not easily broken (the seat is irremovable), and they are not standard sizes. Tel-O-Fun's bicycle parts don't fit standard bicycles, to prevent the theft and reselling of bicycles and bicycle parts.

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