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For the unrelated Danish-Norwegian noble family, see Bjelke (noble family).
Coat of arms of the Swedish Bielke family.

Bielke is an ancient Swedish noble family, originally from Småland and first mentioned in the 13th century.[1] It is the second-oldest such family still in existence after Natt och Dag. The comital family branch, descended from the first Count Nils Bielke af Åkerö (1644–1716), is still extant, while the baronial branch became extinct in the male line with the death of Johan Ture Bielke in 1792.[2]

Members of the family include:

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  1. ^ Swedish nobility did not use the practice of including family names in personal names until the late 16th century. The name was originally derived from the traditional family coat of arms and has been applied posthumously to earlier noble ancestors as well. In such cases, the family name is usually written in parenthesis.
  2. ^ Carlsson, G. (1924), Bielke, släkt in the Dictionary of Swedish National Biography.