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For the recent series, see Big Brother Thailand (season 2).
Big Brother Thailand
Big Brother Thailand logo
Big Brother Thailand logo

Big Brother is the Thai version of the Big Brother reality television show based on the Dutch television series of the same name originally created by John de Mol in 1997. It is shown on iTV and TrueVisions channel 20.The show follows a group of House Guests living together 24 hours a day in the "Big Brother" house, isolated from the outside world but under constant surveillance with no privacy for three months.In 2 seasons of the show, 27 different people have entered the Big Brother house so far. Since its debut in 2005, Big Brother Thailand has run continuously with at least one season of the show airing each year, Big Brother was renewed for a 2nd season.

Thailand has purchased the rights to broadcast Big Brother. First time on April 2, 2005 by Kantana Group Ltd. (PCL) and Saranyu Vonkarjun host the broadcast of the NBC TV in real time, 24 hours and highlights. at the TV cameras filming the production team of 26 to 200 people in the store 12 participants at Kantana Movie Town. The concept of being constantly watched. 2400 hours or 100 days of the competition. Each person will need to bring clothes and personal items into the house, "Big Brother" as well as to co-exist with the 12 people who had never known before in the house is enclosed by high walls. at 100. One (1 series), and cut off from the outside world completely. Behavior, all of them on a daily basis can not escape the eyes of the audience.


Home to a controller. By using the pronoun that. "Big Brother" with a unique voice command starts with the words "This is Big Brother," the mission we were given to all participants in the home. As well as to control an opponent by the house rules. The mission is to deliver. Most of the activities to be done all together. Or sometimes the only one. It aims to create an impact for people in the house. This reflects the competition. Express their emotions and are more natural. Each mission is given to them. There are various conditions that must be achieved. The mission was successful. Will be awarded. But on the other hand. If the mission fails, it will be punished in every week.

In addition, each contestant will be given to "dairy rooms" for different feelings towards the other contestants in the house. The feel and feedback on events you would like to vent or talk to me about Big Brother.

Every week, every member must act, "nominate" two contestants who want to leave home. Nominated by each partner through the room, an open mind. And why those with the highest votes in the second rank, who may have to leave home in the next week.

Who was named to the house. Will have the right to live in this house has. Of the votes of viewers across the country. By a vote via sms for a period of one week up to a week later, when they are away from home next time. The results of votes from viewers. By a vote of the audience vote in the House to a minimum. I have to leave home. (For overseas. The vote, which the audience voted out of the house. Will have to leave home).

When a contestant is voted off each week. Until last week. Which happens to be the final three contestants will be voted by viewers across the country again. To find out who won the Big Brother house. When it comes to the final day of competition. The person who gets the most votes from viewers across the country will be the winner. The winner will receive a refund of more than 1 million house and a car worth a total of 3,000,000 units, up to approx.


  • Total number of days on air: 213 days
  • Total count of housemates: 27 Housemates
  • Total count of housemates that walked: 1 Housemates
  • Total count of housemates that Forced Eviction: 3 Housemates

Season one[edit]

Season two[edit]