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Big Brother Second Life (BBSL) was a virtual[clarification needed] version of Big Brother, produced by Endemol Netherlands in the virtual world of Second Life.[1]

Fifteen Second Life contestants from three time zones were chosen to participate. The contest to become a contestant began on December 1, 2006. Contestants have to spend at least 8 hours a day in the transparent virtual Big Brother house for a total of one month,[2] and completed various tasks such as building replicas of famous buildings. Their fate was decided by other Second Life residents, who voted on which contestants would be allowed to stay.

The Big Brother island, where residents applied to become contestants, contained five transparent residential units, and a Big Brother nightclub.[2] During the course of the competition, several BB competitors kept online diaries of their participation. [3]

The contest ended on January 4, 2007, with the winner receiving their own virtual island.[1] The winner was Madlen Flint.


The Fifteen Virtual Big Brother Participants were:

Name Country Gender Outcome
Phaylen Fairchild  United States Female 8th Evicted
Lillani Lowell  Canada Female Runner-up
Golda Stein  United States Female 3rd Place
Gideon Television  Canada Male 1st Evicted
Kit Maitland  United States Female 5th Evicted
Allatu Augustus  United States Female 4th Place
Madlen Flint  Hungary Female Winner
Simon Walsh  United Kingdom Male 7th Evicted
TheDiva Rockin  United States Female 6th Evicted
Warda Kawabata  Japan Female 3rd Evicted
Lorita Laguna  Spain Female 4th Evicted
PrincessNina Prefect  Mexico Female 9th Evicted
Rencius Herber  Germany Male 11th Evicted
Pannie Paperdoll  United States Female 10th Evicted
Simone Spicer  Brazil Female 2nd Evicted


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