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Bigg Boss
Season 4
Bigg Boss 4 Logo.jpg
Season 4 eye logo
Presented byAkkineni Nagarjuna
No. of days14/105
No. of housemates18
Country of originIndia
No. of episodes15/106
Original networkStar Maa
Original release6 September 2020
Season chronology
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Season 3

Bigg Boss 4 is the fourth season of the Telugu version of the Indian reality television series Bigg Boss based on Dutch series Big Brother. The show premiered on 6 September 2020 on Star Maa and Disney+ Hotstar with Akkineni Nagarjuna returning as the host for the second time.


The makers are scheduled to launch on last week of June 2020 but it delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic.[1] On 20 July 2020, the makers unveiled the title logo.[2] Season 4 was initially planned to launch on 30th August 2020 but was pushed to 6 September 2020.[3]

The unseen portions of episodes that were not aired on television are streamed on Disney+ Hotstar, and aired on Star Maa Music as Bigg Boss Buzz.[citation needed]

The launch of season 4 opened with 18.5 TVR, and for every season the show is becoming bigger then the bigger and season 4 received an highest trp then previous seasons.

Housemates status[edit]

Housemate Day entered Day exited Result
Abijeet Day 1
Akhil Day 1
Ariyana Day 1
Avinash Day 11
Devi Day 1
Divi Day 1
Gangavva Day 1
Harika Day 1
Lasya Day 1
Mehaboob Day 1
Monal Day 1
Noel Day 1
Rajasekhar Day 1
Sai Day 7
Sohel Day 1
Sujatha Day 1
Kalyani Day 1 Day 13 Evicted
Surya Day 1 Day 7 Evicted


The participants in the order of appearance and entered in house are:

Original entrants[edit]

Wildcard entrants[edit]


Week Day Guest(s) Purpose of Visit

Nomination table[edit]

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15
Lasya Noel
Vote to: none Task
Abijeet Nominated Nominated
Akhil Nominated No
Ariyana In Secret
Avinash Not in House Exempt
Devi Saved No
Divi Nominated No
Gangavva Nominated Nominated
Harika Saved Nominated
Lasya Saved House Captain
Mehaboob Nominated No
Monal Saved Nominated
Noel Saved Nominated House Captain
Rajasekhar Saved Nominated
Sai Not in
Sohel In Secret
Sujatha Nominated No
Kalyani Saved Nominated Evicted
(Day 13)
Surya Nominated Evicted
(Day 7)
Notes 1,2
Secret Room Ariyana None
Re-Entered None
Walked None
Ejected None
Evicted Surya Kalyani


     indicates the House Captain.
     indicates that the Housemate was directly nominated for eviction prior to the regular nominations process.
     indicates that the Housemate was granted immunity from nominations.
     indicates that the Housemate was in the Secret Room.
  • ^Note 1 :                                    All housemates were paired-up as connection on Launch Day.
  • ^Note 2 : In this nomination, housemates had to mutually decide to nominate one of the two housemates from each connection.

Weekly summary[edit]

Week Day(s) Context Description
Week 1 Day 0 Entrances On Day 1, Monal, Surya, Lasya, Abijeet, Sujatha, Mehaboob, Devi, Harika, Rajasekhar, Kalyani, Noel, Divi, Akhil and Gangavva entered the Bigg Boss House.
Also, Sohel and Ariyana entered the Secret Room.

All contestants were paired-up as connections:

  1. Monal and Sujatha
  2. Surya and Devi
  3. Lasya and Mehaboob
  4. Abijeet and Harika
  5. Kalyani and Akhil
  6. Rajasekhar and Divi
  7. Noel and Gangavva
Day 0
Day 5
House Captain
  • No Captain
Day 1 Nominations In this nomination, housemates had to mutually decide to nominate one of the two housemates from each connection.
Connection Housemates Saved Nominated
1 Monal Sujatha Monal Sujatha
2 Surya Devi Devi Surya
3 Lasya Mehaboob Lasya Mehaboob
4 Abijeet Harika Harika Abijeet
5 Kalyani Akhil Kalyani Akhil
6 Rajasekhar Divi Rajasekhar Divi
7 Noel Gangavva Noel Gangavva
Day 1,2,3,4 Daily Tasks
  • In the first day task Bigg Boss gives some interesting questions wrapped in chits. Each contestant is expected to pick a chit and select one contestant to respond to their question.
  • In the second day task Bigg Boss informed that there is a Kattappa amongst them trying to deceive them. The housemates participate in a secret ballot voting system and drop chits writing who they think the 'Kattappa' can be.
  • In the third day task Bigg Boss has given a task to Divi to speak about what she had noticed in other 15 contestants. Later Bigg Boss calls Ariyana and Sohel to the confession room and orders them to ask each housemate of whom they think is Kattappa among them but few housemates protest to answer to Ariyana and Sohel while others like Surya, Mehboob , Devi, Rajasekhar and Gangavva reveal their answers.
  • In the fourth day task Bigg Boss starts his game plan for the contestants and orders them to stamp with red Ink as Kattappa to those who they think as Kattappa in the house. From all contestants Noel receive more stamps.
Day 2,3 Luxury Budget Task
  • The first luxury budget task titled Chitram Evaradi, where the houseguests are asked to paint and Rajasekar is asked to check the right painting of each contestant. The housemates earned a total of 5000 points out of 14000 in the first stage of the luxury budget task.
  • The second stage of luxury budget task has titled as “Tomato Pulp Game” and in this task contestants divided into 4 teams each with 3 members.In this task Surya will be monitor while Aryina and Sohail was the quality checking Managers and Gangavva is their assistant who moniters the quality of pulp being extracted by contestants. Bigg Boss ordered each team to fill tomato pulp in 30 bottles, but at the end of the task Green team completed filling tomato pulp in 18 bottles, Yellow team in 14 bottles, Orange team in 17 bottles and Blue team in 11 bottles. After the completion of the task Bigg boss allotted 2000 points to all contestants for a total of 14000 points. All contestants were formed as 4 teams:
  1. Orange Team - Noel, Rajasekhar and Harika
  2. Blue Team - Abijeet, Sujatha and Kalyani
  3. Yellow Team - Divi, Devi and Mehaboob
  4. Green Team - Monal, Lasya and Akhil
Day 6 Captaincy Task
  • The host asked that to nominate one contestant of who they think is the Kattappa, then the housemates nominated Lasya as the Kattappa. Finally, host Nagarjuna revealed that there is no Kattappa in the house and who they nominated as the Kattappa will be the first captain of the house.
Day 7 Exits
  • On Day 7, Surya Kiran was evicted from the house after facing the public vote.
Week 2 Day 6
Day 12
House Captain
  • Lasya (First captain of the season)
Day 7,11 Entrances
  • On Day 7, Kumar Sai entered the Bigg Boss house as the first wild card contestant.
  • On Day 11, Avinash entered the Bigg Boss house as the second wild card contestant.
Day 8 Nominations
  • In this week nomination, all the 16 contestants except from captain must get into the boat that has been set up in the garden area. The contestants must discuss among themselves and one contestant must get off the boat after every buzzer. The contestant who gets down will be nominated for this week. As a result Abijeet, Gangavva, Harika, Kalyani, Monal, Noel, Rajasekhar, Sai, Sohel were nominated for this week.
Day 9,10 Daily Tasks
  • On Day 9, Bigg Boss gave a task to Harika to attract all the housemates, following which Harika succeeds to impress the housemates with her dance, singing and acting skills.
  • On Day 10, Bigg Boss gave a task to Ariyana that she should change as a face reader and express her feelings about all other housemates. The Morning masti scene was shown in Disney+ Hotstar instead of main episode on TV.
Day 9,10,11 Luxury Budget Task
  • On Day 9, Bigg Boss gave a first stage of luxury budget task tittled as " BB TV show " and asked all contestants to act well in the serial scripted by the Bigg Boss. As per the serial task Kalyani is mother of Divi and Abhijeeth is her son, while Sujatha is her daughter in law and Devi is maid in her house. Bigg Boss had given them a marriage task in which Akhil was foreigner who comes to marry Divi. While the rest contestants were instructed to act in advertisements which will be telecasted between the serial.
  • On Day 10, Bigg Boss gave a second stage of luxury budget task is " BB Talent show " and announced that Noel and Lasya are the judges. Ariyana is the host and a few contestants are assigned a few tasks while the rest of the housemates have to make funny ads. Rajasekhar sets the dance floor with his solo performance. Monal and Sohail won laurels for their sizzling chemistry in the duet. Harika and Mehaboob wow the housemates with their energetic dance performance. Abhijeet, Akhil, Devi and Kalyana perform an ad. Gangavva sings a folk song towards the end. Mehaboob and Harika are declared as the star performers of the episode.
  • On Day 11, Bigg Boss gave a third stage of luxury budget task is " BB Comedy show " and instructs that a few housemates get divided into Team Avinash and Team Kumar Sai. Both the teams need to perform hilarious skits while the rest of the housemates will turn into the audience and judge their skits. They also should perform various ads.
Day 12 Captaincy Task
  • The housemates had to nominate 4 best performers in the BB TV tasks - Abhijeet, Kalyani, Mehaboob and Noel are selected for captaincy. Noel was eventually elected as the captain of the house.
Day 13 Exits
  • On Day 13, Karate Kalyani was evicted from the house after facing the public vote.
Week 3 Day 12 House Captain
  • Noel Sean
Day 14 Nominations
  • On Day 14, Kalyani nominated Devi for week 3 nomination as a part of Bigg Bomb.
Daily Tasks
Luxury Budget Task
Captaincy Task


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