Bill Orcutt

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Bill Orcutt
Guitarist Bill Orcutt performing at Kunsthall Oslo, Norway
Guitarist Bill Orcutt performing at Kunsthall Oslo, Norway
Background information
Born (1962-02-02) February 2, 1962 (age 60)
Miami, Florida, United States
GenresFree improvisation
Years active1992-current

Bill Orcutt (born February 2, 1962)[1] is an American guitarist and composer whose work combines elements of blues, punk, and free improvisation.


Inspired by seeing Muddy Waters in The Last Waltz,[2] Orcutt began playing the guitar as a teenager in Miami. In 1992, he formed the band Harry Pussy with his wife, Cuban/American drummer and vocalist Adris Hoyos.[3] The group recorded three LPs and toured the US frequently, often in support of indie bands like Sonic Youth and Sebadoh.[4] Their music, which drew from American no wave, hardcore punk and free jazz was influential and "served as a progenitor for the Noise movement."[5] In 1997 the band dissolved and the couple divorced.[6] Orcutt moved to San Francisco and took a long hiatus from music, returning in 2009, with an LP of solo guitar entitled A New Way To Pay Old Debts[7] which was well received, ranking third of 2009 in the Wire magazine's annual "Rewind" list.[8] His follow-up release How The Thing Sings was similarly praised, reaching number 3 on NPR's The Best Outer Sound Albums Of 2011.[9] Since 2009, Orcutt has toured often[10] appearing at festivals in the US and Europe, including Hopscotch, Incubate, Le Nouveau Festival du Centre Pompidou,[11] Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Donau and Big Ears.[12] Typically a solo performer, Orcutt has also recorded or performed with Loren Mazzacane Connors,[13] Chris Corsano, Peter Brötzmann and Alan & Richard Bishop.




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