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Example work, post-Hurricane Katrina.

The Billboard Liberation Front practices culture jamming via altering billboards by changing key words to radically alter the message, often to an anti-corporate message.[1] It started in San Francisco in 1977.[2]

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  1. ^ "Using urban guerrilla tactics, Billboard Liberation Front 'adjusts' ads". SF Gate. August 24, 2003. Retrieved 2010-12-09. The Billboard Liberation Front -- a loosely knit Bay Area underground organization that for 23 years has "improved" billboards in San Francisco by changing advertising messages with a decidedly countercultural sensibility 
  2. ^ Alexander Barley (May 21, 2001). "Battle of the image". New Statesman. Retrieved 2010-12-09. Subvertising is not a new idea - the Billboard Liberation Front, which started in San Francisco in 1977, is one milestone. 

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