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BioDigital, Inc.
Industry Biotechnology, Life Science, Health
Founded 2013
Founder Frank Sculli, John Qualter
Headquarters 594 Broadway, New York City, United States of America

BioDigital is a New York-based biomedical visualization company that is often referred to as being "Google Earth for the Human Body".[1][2] BioDigital offers an interactive, 3D software platform that enables individuals and business to explore and visualize health information.[3] Their flagship product, the BioDigital Human, is a "searchable, customizable map of the human body".[4]

The BioDigital Human Platform has over a million users,[5] including doctors, medical students, and yoga instructors.[6] New York University School of Medicine has used the software to teach medical students about anatomy.[7][8]

The company also offers a set of API’s that allow developers to use the company’s imaging technology.


The company was founded in 2002 on the premise that 3D technology could be leveraged to make medical topics more comprehensible, accessible, and compelling.[9] In 2011, the company expanded their technology to reach the greater public, compiling all visualizations into a proprietary web-based virtual model of the human body, the BioDigital Human.[10] The BioDigital Human was one of the early systems to leverage WebGL, which allows any supported browser to render 3D models in webpages without plugins.[11]

In 2013, the company received a series of funding led by FirstMark Capital, New York University’s NYU Innovation Fund, a group of angel investors.[12]

Awards and recognition[edit]

The BioDigital Human was featured at TEDMED 2012.[13]

In 2013, BioDigital was named the winner of SXSW's Classic Interactive Award.[14]

The company also received an ON for Learning Award from Common Sense Media in March 2014.[15]

BioDigital was honored as a Best Health Digital Resource by the Health Information Resource Center's Web Health Awards in June 2014.[16]

In 2015, BioDigital Human received a Webby Award in the category of Best Health Website.[17]

In 2015, BioDigital was a Silver Finalist for the Edison Awards in the field of Research & Education.[18]


BioDigital has partnered with the international charity Smile Train for the creation of a cleft lip and palate simulator. The simulator is an interactive teaching tool designed to train surgeons in developing countries on cleft lip and palate surgical repair. BioDigital and Smile Train received an award for Outstanding Achievement in Modeling & Simulation by the National Training Simulation Association in December 2013.[19] The companies were selected to showcase the technology at the 2014 TEDMED Conference in Washington DC.[20]


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