Bishop Pinkham Junior High School

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Bishop Pinkham Jr. High School
3304 – 63 Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
Coordinates 50°59′49″N 114°07′41″W / 50.997°N 114.128°W / 50.997; -114.128Coordinates: 50°59′49″N 114°07′41″W / 50.997°N 114.128°W / 50.997; -114.128
Type Public School
Motto Motto: English: "We will take your hands and help you soar." French: Nous te tendrons la main pour te soutenir et tu t'envoleras"
Established 1964
School board Calgary Board of Education
Principal Sebastien Picard[1]
Grades 6, 7, 8, 9 + Bridges
Enrollment 734 (2016) (September 2016)
 • Grade 6 169
 • Grade 7 191
 • Grade 8 270
 • Grade 9 201
Campus Urban
Communities served Lakeview, North Glenmore, Discovery Ridge
School website[2]
Last updated: January 2009

Bishop Pinkham Junior High School is a public junior high school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It has classes for grades 7 through 9, offering French, English, and Spanish programs. Bishop Pinkham is located in the Lakeview community of Calgary. September 2017 will begin the last year that French grade 6 is offered at BP, and no new Spanish Bilingual students will transfer to BP. As of September 2017, students leaving the elementary Spanish Bilingual program will enter middle school at AE Cross instead of Bishop Pinkham. The Spanish students who at that time are still at BP will stay until the last members of those resident students have completed Grade nine. At that point, Bishop Pinkham will only offer French and English to grades 7, 8, and 9. For more information, contact the Calgary Board of Education.

The school is named after the Bishop William Cyrian Pinkham who was the first Anglican bishop in Calgary.[3]

School history[edit]

The School was founded in 1959 and was named after Bishop William Pinkham who was a Bishop in the City of Calgary. The school was classified always Public. It features a late French immersion program, which starts in grade 7, as well as programs for continuing French immersion, Spanish bilingual and English students. French students take 4 subjects in French (Math, Social studies, Science, and French Language Arts) and Spanish takes 2 (Spanish language arts and math )


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