Black House, Lviv

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The Black House in Lviv.

The Black House, or Polish: Czarna Kamienica, Ukrainian: Chorna Kamyanytsia (Чорна кам'яниця), is a remarkable Renaissance building on the Market Square in the city of Lviv, Ukraine. It was built for Italian tax-collector Tomaso Alberti in 1577. The architect was probably Piotr Krasowski. The Lviv Historical Museum has been housed in the Black House since 1926.

The façade is lined with sandstone which has darkened over the years to blackish brown. The front exhibits some fine decorative ornamentation. Jan Lorencowicz, having acquired the house in 1596, added another storey and opened one of the town's first pharmacies on the ground floor. The uppermost storey was added in 1884.

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