Blacka Di Danca

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Blacka Di Danca
Young man posing on the Brooklyn bridge
Blacka Di Danca on the Brooklyn bridge
Background information
BornDecember 16, 1989
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Occupation(s)Choreographer, Dancer, Singer, Actor
Years active2003–present

Blacka Di Danca is an American artist, actor and choreographer.[1] Blacka tours regularly[2] throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia, Russia,[3] Central and South America.[4]

Blacka's talent has led to work with some of the top names in the music industry.[5] He has choreographed and featured in music videos for Major Lazer, Rvssian, J Balvin, Farruko, Shenseea, Tyga, Janet Jackson,[6] Nicky Jam,[7] Anuel AA, Rihanna,[8] Cardi B, El Alfa, Drake, A$AP Rocky, and Davido. He has also choreographed for Farruko and Luis Fonsi's world tours. As a live performer, he has spent years on the concert and festival circuit, making appearances with stars such as Janet Jackson, Daddy Yankee, Farruko, Rihanna, Skrillex, Diplo,[9] Kiesza, Nyla and Collie Buddz, with whom he toured for several years. Blacka is currently the first and only dancehall choreographer to partner with energy drink giant Red Bull.

Blacka was featured in The New York Times,[10] The Jamaica Star, The Jamaica Gleaner, The Source magazine and has appeared on BET, MTV, Fuse TV and CBS TV.[11]


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Blacka grew up in a Caribbean household in Crown Heights. Dancehall, reggae, soca and calypso music has always been a part of his life. In 2003, he discovered the Passa Passa weekly Jamaican dancehall party held in Kingston, Jamaica. Local stores in Brooklyn in the early 2000s often sold and showcased Passa Passa DVDS. Blacka learned about the dancehall street culture through the eyes of the dancers and Deejays that frequented the parties. Passa Passa DVDs showcased the dance moves, fashion, music and terminology that came with dancehall street culture.[12][13]

From 2003–2007, Blacka partied nightly in local clubs and street events through Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island because he make a name for himself. In early 2008, he was booked for the first time to perform professionally in Virginia as a dancer for a night party.[14][15]

In November 2008, Blacka won his first dancehall King competition and title during Binghamton University's annual Caribbean carnival. In December 2010, he competed in New York City's Dance-A-Rama dancehall competition and won his 2nd official title and trophy.[2][16]

In 2011, Blacka left his full-time job as a doorman at Columbia University to further pursue his dreams.[17] In March 2011, Blacka started his first tour as a performer with Reggae artist Collie Buddz. Blacka toured and performed with Collie for almost 2 years throughout the United States, Canada and Bermuda.[5] During his fall tour of 2011, Blacka was contacted by Russian organizers and was offered his first overseas trip to Moscow on a contract to teach dancehall classes and judge a competition on Christmas Day. In early 2012, Blacka traveled to Moscow for his 2nd time and taught dancehall classes for one week. He continued touring with Collie Buddz until November 2012.[18]

In February 2013, Blacka embarked on his first solo world tour as a choreographer, traveling to Los Angeles, Poland, Russia,[19] Italy, Germany, London and Belgium. Since then, Blacka continues to travel overseas spreading dancehall culture.[20][21]

In November 2016, Blacka announced a new partnership with Red Bull and the marketing division of LargeUp, the first between a dancehall artist and a major international brand.[22][23][24][25]

In May 2018, Blacka released his first single "Bubble Up", starting the musical transition of his career. Since then, he consistently releases new music and visuals, including his most recent song "Di Sauce" featuring Walshy Fire of Major Lazer and producer Clayton William.

Spreading dancehall culture[edit]

Since 2013, Blacka has been on a total of 16 solo world tours in over 85 cities and 41 countries which includes: the United States, Poland, Russia, Siberia, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Mexico, Spain, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Argentina, Denmark, Colombia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Cyprus, Ecuador, Singapore, Romania, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Norway, India, Trinidad, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Greece, Lebanon and Malaysia.[26]


Music videos[edit]

  • XXXTentacion, Ky-Mani Marley, Stefflon Don, Vybz Kartel - "Royalty"
  • Nicky Jam X Anuel AA - "Whine Up"
  • Rvssian, J Balvin, Farruko - "Ponle"
  • Shenseea ft. Tyga - "Blessed"
  • El Alfa ft. Cardi B - "Mi Mami"
  • Janet Jackson x Daddy Yankee - "Made For Now"
  • Nicky Jam x J. Balvin - "X" (Equis)
  • Hood Celebrityy - Walking Trophy
  • Major Lazer - "Lose Yourself" ft. Moska and RDX
  • Rihanna - "Work" ft. Drake
  • A$AP Rocky - "Multiply" ft. Juicy J
  • Alkaline - "City"
  • Shaggy - "If U Slip, U Slide" ft. Melissa Musique [12][13]




Brand/label partnerships[edit]


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