Blekinge County

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Blekinge County

Blekinge län
Karlshamn citadel
Karlshamn citadel
Flag of Blekinge County
Coat of arms of Blekinge County
Coat of arms
Blekinge County in Sweden
Blekinge County in Sweden
Location map of Blekinge County in Sweden
Location map of Blekinge County in Sweden
Coordinates: 56°14′36″N 14°22′52″E / 56.24333°N 14.38111°E / 56.24333; 14.38111
 • GovernorSten Nordin
 • CouncilLandstinget Blekinge
 • Total3,039.4 km2 (1,173.5 sq mi)
 (30 September 2017)[1]
 • Total159,367
 • Density52/km2 (140/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
ISO 3166 codeSE-K
GDP/ NominalSEK 34,566 million (2004)
GDP per capitaSEK 231,000
NUTS RegionSE221

Blekinge County (Swedish: Blekinge län) is a county or län in the south of Sweden. It borders the Counties of Skåne, Kronoberg, Kalmar and the Baltic Sea. The capital is Karlskrona. It is the smallest of the present administrative counties of Sweden, covering only 0,7% of the total area of the country.


For History, Geography and Culture, see: Blekinge

Blekinge, the historical province Blekinge, has virtually the same boundaries as the current administrative entity, Blekinge County.


Blekinge County was a part of Kalmar County between 1680 and 1683, due to the foundation of the naval base at Karlskrona.

The main aim of the County Administrative Board is to fulfil the goals set in national politics by the Riksdag and the Government, to coordinate the interests and promote the development of the county, to establish regional goals and safeguard the due process of law in the handling of each case. The County Administrative Board is a Government Agency headed by a Governor. See List of Blekinge Governors.


The County of Blekinge inherited its coat of arms from the province of Blekinge. When it is shown with a royal crown it represents the County Administrative Board.


Blekinge county council, or Region Blekinge, is a municipal entity that is independent of, but coterminous with, the County Administrative Board. Its main responsibilities lie in health care and public transportation issues for the county.


The current governor of Blekinge County is Moderate Party politician Sten Nordin, appointed on the 1st of October 2017.


Blekinge Municipalities.png

Population as of 2009-12-31 Blekinge county total 152 591, 1.6% of the nation.

Localities in order of size[edit]

The five most populous localities of Blekinge County in 2010:[2]

# Locality Population
1 Karlskrona 35,212
2 Karlshamn 19,075
3 Ronneby 12,029
4 Sölvesborg 8,401
5 Olofström 7,327


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Coordinates: 56°14′36″N 14°22′52″E / 56.24335°N 14.381104°E / 56.24335; 14.381104