Blue's Clues Kindergarten

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Blue's Clues Kindergarten
Blue's Clues Kindergarten cover.jpg
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, Macintosh

Blue's Clues Kindergarten is a Windows and Macintosh PC video game distributed on CD-ROM. Based on the television series Blue's Clues kids can learn different skills that will help them get ready for grade school.


Periwinkle is nervous about going to school. To help him, Blue and Joe turn Blue's house into a make-believe kindergarten with games about science, math, rhyming, art, and more. Choose from five games with Blue, Joe, and friends, while three adjustable levels of difficulty match children's growth. Play Refrigerator Rhymes in Blue's kitchen, tell time with Tickety, learn math at the Sand Table with Shovel and Pail, and—at Peri's fort—there's Super Science. Differences between the episode and the video game 1. In the season 5 episode Ms. marigold is Present. But in the video game she's not.