Blue Light Boogie (album)

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Blue Light Boogie
Blue Light Boogie.jpg
Compilation album by Taj Mahal
Released 27 April 1999
Genre Blues
Length 47:23
Language English
Label Private Music
Taj Mahal chronology
In Progress & In Motion: 1965-1998
Blue Light Boogie

Blue Light Boogie is an album by American blues artist Taj Mahal.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "River of Love" Porter Carroll/Richard Feldman/Jimmy Scott 4:07
2. "Honky Tonk Women" Mick Jagger/Keith Richards 4:39
3. "Don't Call Us" Feldman/Mahal 4:20
4. "Take a Giant Step" Gerry Goffin/Carole King 4:38
5. "Down Home Girl" Artie Butler/Jerry Leiber 3:43
6. "Feats Don't Fail Me Now" Paul Barrère/Lowell George/Martin Kibbee 3:19
7. "Dark Angel" Marty Grebb/Steven Seagal 3:26
8. "Big Legged Mamas Are Back in Style" Mahal 4:18
9. "John the Revelator" Rusty Goodman/Son House 3:54
10. "Blue Light Boogie" Dave Bartholomew/Jessie Mae Robinson 4:05
11. "She Caught the Katy (And Left Me a Mule To Ride)" Mahal/Yank Rachell 3:40
12. "Mercedes Benz" Janis Joplin/Michael McClure/Bob Neuwirth 3:14