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Ra-Kalam Bob Moses (born January 28, 1948) is an American jazz drummer born in New York City.

Moses played with Roland Kirk in 1964–65 while he was still a teenager. In 1966 he and Larry Coryell formed The Free Spirits, a jazz fusion ensemble, and from 1967 to 1969 he played in Gary Burton's quartet. He also recorded with Burton in the 1970s, in addition to work with Dave Liebman/Open Sky, Pat Metheny, Mike Gibbs, Hal Galper, Gil Goldstein, Steve Swallow, Steve Kuhn/Sheila Jordan (from 1979 to 1982), George Gruntz, and Emily Remler (from 1983 to 1984). In the early 1970s he was a member of Compost with Harold Vick, Jumma Santos, Jack Gregg and Jack DeJohnette.

His first session as a leader was in 1975; his releases for Gramavision in the 1980s were critically acclaimed.

He is also the author of the drum method book Drum Wisdom.[1]

Moses currently performs alongside John Lockwood, Don Pate, and John Medeski with noted guitarist Tisziji Muñoz and teaches at New England Conservatory.


As leader[edit]

  • Love Animal (1968, Amulet, 2003)
  • Bittersuite in the Ozone (Mozown, 1975)
  • Family (1979, Buddah, 1982; re-released as Devotion, Soul Note, 1996)
  • When Elephants Dream of Music (Gramavision, 1982)
  • Visit with the Great Spirit (Gramavision, 1983)
  • The Story of Moses (Gramavision, 1987)
  • Time Stood Still (Gramavision, 1993)
  • Nishoma (Grapeshot, 2000)
  • (as Rakalam Bob Moses) – Father's Day B'hash (Sunnyside, 2009)
  • Universal Folk Song (Ra-Kalam Records, 2012)
  • Sacred Exhalations (Ra-Kalam Records, 2012)
  • The Illuminated Heart (Ra-Kalam Records, 2012)
  • Home in Motion (Ra-Kalam Records, 2012, recorded 1979)

As co-leader[edit]

With Compost

With Open Sky (Trio with David Liebman and Frank Tusa)

  • Open Sky (PM, 1973)
  • Spirit in the Sky (PM, 1975)

Other collaborations

  • with Dave Liebman and Eddie GómezSpirit Renewed (1982; Owl, 1991)
  • with Billy MartinDrumming Birds (ITM, 1987)
  • Plunge – Falling with Grace (1995)
  • (as Rakalam Bob Moses) with Greg Burk – Ecstatic Weanderings (Jazzwerkstatt, 2011)

As sideman[edit]

With The Free Spirits (Larry Coryell)

With Gary Burton

With David Friesen

  • Waterfall Rainbow (Inner City, 1977)

With Hal Galper

  • Speak with a Single Voice (Enja, 1978)
  • Redux 1978 (Concord Jazz, 1991)
  • Children of the Night (1978, Double Time, 1997)

With Mike Gibbs

  • Mike Gibbs Directs the Only Chrome-Waterfall Orchestra (Bronze, 1975)

With the George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band

With Darius Jones

With Steve Kuhn

With Brian Landrus

  • Everlasting (2008, CIMP, 2011)

With Pat Metheny

With Tisziji Muñoz

  • Visiting This Planet (Anami Music, 1980's)
  • Hearing Voices (Anami Music, 1980's)
  • Love Everlasting (Amulet, 1987)
  • Live! At Page Hall (Anami Music, 1993)
  • Live Again! At Page Hall with Dave Liebman (Anami Music, 1994)
  • Live Again! At Page Hall with Nick Brignola (Anami Music, 1994)
  • Spirit Man (Anami Music, 1995)
  • Death Is A Friend Of Mine (Anami Music, 1996)
  • Alpha-Nebula: The Prophecies (Anami Music, 1997)
  • Tisziji Muñoz Live! Great Sacrifice (Maha-Yajna) (Anami Music, 1999)
  • Love At First Sound (Anami Music, 2005)
  • Love Always: Spirit of the Ancient Masters (Anami Music, 2007)
  • Incomprehensibly Gone (Anami Music, 2013)
  • Beauty As Beauty (Anami Music, 2013)
  • Beauty As Ugly (Anami Music, 2013)
  • Ugly As Ugliest (Anami Music, 2013)
  • Heart to Heart (Anami Music, 2013)
  • Free Freedom (Anami Music, 2013)
  • Omega Nebula: The Afterlife (Anami Music, 2014)
  • Parasamgate Nebula: The Death of Death (Anami Music, 2014)
  • Mountain Peak (Anami Music, 2014)
  • Let The Sound Go Forth (Anami Music, 2014)
  • Healing Waters (Anami Music, 2014)
  • Taking You Out There! Live (Anami Music, 2014)
  • Realization of Paradox: Melting the Mind of Logic (Anami Music, 2014)
  • Heart Trance Revelation (Anami Music, 2014)
  • The Anniversary Concert DVD (Anami Music, 2014)
  • Maha Shiva: The Razor's Healing Edge (Anami Music, 2014)
  • Sacred Function (Anami Music, 2014)
  • The Paradox of Independence (Anami Music, 2014)
  • Songs of Soundlessness (Anami Music, 2015)
  • Genius Awakening (Anami Music, 2015)
  • Spirit First and Last (Anami Music, 2015)
  • The Paradox of Perfection (Anami Music, 2015)
  • The Paradox of Completion (Anami Music, 2015)
  • Alpha Nebula Expanded: The Monster Peace (Anami Music, 2015)

With Steve Swallow


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