Bog Walk

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Bog Walk
Bog Walk is located in Jamaica
Bog Walk
Bog Walk
Coordinates: 18°06′07″N 77°00′19″W / 18.10205°N 77.00541°W / 18.10205; -77.00541Coordinates: 18°06′07″N 77°00′19″W / 18.10205°N 77.00541°W / 18.10205; -77.00541
ParishSt Catherine
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Bog Walk is a town in the parish of Saint Catherine, Jamaica.

In 1898 work started on hydroelectric power plant on river Rio Cobre near Bog Walk. The plant (1,500 H.P.) was completed next year and used to power Kingston's tramway system (until then the cars were hauled by pair of mules).[2] In the June 1904 accident, 33 workers died when cleaning the huge water pipe feeding the power station.[3] The plant, one of the earliest in the Western hemisphere, was closed in August 1966.


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